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What is Knowledge ?

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  1. Knowledge is a  part of life .
  2. Education is part of knowledge.
  3. Understand your situation.
  4. Understand something.
  5. Understand another person's problem.

There are three type of Knowledge


Knowledg could be a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of somebody or one thinglike facts, data, descriptions, or skills, that is nonheritable through expertise or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning.

Knowledge will discuss with a theoretical or sensible understanding of a theme. It may beimplicit or specific ; it may be additional or less formal or systematic

However, many definitions of data and theories to elucidate it exist.

Knowledge acquisition involves complicated psychological feature processes: perception, communication, and reasoning; whereas data is additionally aforesaid to be associated with the capability of acknowledgement in citizenry.
Theories of data

The definition of data could be a matter of in progress dialogue among philosophers within the field of philosophy. The classical definition, represented however not ultimately supported by Plato, specifies that an announcement should meet 3 criteria so as to be thought-about knowledge: it should be even, true, and believed. Some claim that these conditions don't seem to be adequate, as Gettier case examples allegedly dem.

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