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What is social media marketing

What is social media marketing .

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What is social media marketing 

Friends, today we will tell you about social media marketing. Social media is business of social media marketing. With which you can earn millions Today, social media marketing has earned a lot of money from people.

What is social media marketing 

Friends A large big company invests its money in social media marketing. Today, learning how to do social media marketing. You will get any job easily. All the companies are promoting you today with the help of social media. Which makes the company more profitable and the money is less expensive.

What is social media marketing 

Nowadays a lot of people media. People in India are mostly greedy about using Facebook WhatsApp or other social media websites. In last period days all social media websites has crossed their users in billions only from India and America. 

Endoscopic all the information about how the people use social media discussed. 
I want to talk about the things that are going on in most of the countries about social media.  racism is one the major problem. Most of the social media websites just sell their data sometimes and that is misused by terrorist or some other people. 
What is social media marketing 

Last time Facebook was banned for Sunday and have to pay for their mistake for the data that was shifted from Facebook!. Also people sometimes our missguided for using social media. Blue whale game was generated from a social media app that is WhatsApp people died and lost their lives for the reason that they want to win that game.
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