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Bat-like drones weighing 93 grams; Will also collect weather information along with protection of crops

Bat-like drones weighing 93 grams

  • Boston University researcher has prepared this drone

Drones are particularly inspired by helicopters and aeroplanes, but Boston University researcher has designed a drone that resembles bats. This ultra light drone flaps its wings like a flying bird. This drone will provide weather conditions and also protect crops. Apart from this, it can also be used in search, rescue and monitoring in an emergency. It weighs 93 grams.

Robocist Alireza Ramezani of Boston Northeastern University says that it has been designed after much study, which can be used to improve life in the future. Farmers will be able to spray pesticides in crops with this drone. Users will be able to use it in or out of the house according to their need.

Ramejani says, "It can also be used to protect cities in the future. With this, they can be monitored to protect the elderly living alone." According to Dr. Ramejani, this machine can be used as surveillance and information gathering.

They said that this drone turns its wings into different shapes, which make it quite spicy with other drones. Seeing this, it seems that some bats are flying in the air.


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