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Interesting facts about Mercury Planet

Interesting facts about Mercury Planet.

Interesting thing about Mercury planet (Amazing Fact about Mercury Planet). Mercury is very close to the Sun, so scientists are unable to get much information. But you hardly know the information that is available, then friends know 15 interesting facts about the planet Mercury.

Interesting facts about Mercury planet

1) Mercury is closest to the Sun, they may know, but the difference between them is 58 million kilometers.

2) The diameter of Mercury is only slightly larger than the Earth's moon, which is 4879 km.

3) Who had named the name Mercury, it is new to anyone, but the Sumerian mentioned Mercury planet around 3000 BC.

4) Galileo Galilei was the first person to have seen Mercury from the telescope on earth.

5) Mercury takes 2 years to revolve around the Sun and revolves around its axis 3 times, that means 2 years to revolve around the Sun = Time of Mercury to revolve around its axis 3 times. But before 1962, it was believed that 1 day time = 1 year time of Mercury.

6) Mercury revolves around the Sun at a speed of 47.362 km in 1 second while Earth revolves at 29.78 km / second.

7) The planet Mercury revolves around the Sun in an oval shape, the maximum distance from the Sun is 7 crore km and the nearest distance is 4 crore 70 lakh.

8) When Mercury is near the distance, when you stand on Mercury and see the Sun, then you will see 3 times larger Sun.

9) 1 year of the planet Mercury (revolving around the Sun) = 88 days, and 1 day (revolving around the Earth) = 59 days.

10) The density of the planet Mercury is 5.43 gm / cm3. Which is the highest density of the second number.

11) The surface of the planet Mercury is 3 times larger than the surface of the Earth.

12) A satellite of Mercury is new because Mercury's gravitational force is very weak.

13) If your weight on earth is 100 kg, then it will only be 38 kg on Mercury (due to the weakening of gravitational force).

14) You can see Mercury with your eyes without the help of any telescope. You can see Mercury just before sunrise and just after sunset.

15) In spite of being closest to the Sun, it is the second most hot, because the temp of the Sun's front part. 427 * C and right back part is -173 * C. Venus is the hottest planet.
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