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What is going to happen in the role of Sanjay Dutt in KGF 2, which is creating so much uproar?

What is going to happen in the role of Sanjay Dutt in KGF 2, which is creating so much uproar?

Sanjay Dutt. 60 years old man child. Bad Boy of Bollywood and all kinds of clean adjectives. Important things now. In December of 2018, a film 'KGF' became Kolar Gold Fields in its full form. The most successful film in Kannada cinema history. All Time Worldwide Collection Crosses 250 Crore Films released in Dubbed in Hindi (Bahubali franchisee and after 2.0) are the third highest grossing film.

The interesting thing is that all the achievements have been received in one piece of the story. Half the story is yet to come. The name of the film in which the remaining story will be shown is 'KGF: Chapter 2' (KGF: Chapter 2). Now comes the connection of Sanjay Dutt to all this.

What is the character of Sanjay Dutt?

Baba will play the main villain in KGF 2. The name of his character will be 'Adhira'. Dutt has previously played various characters like Kancha Chyna in Agneepath. Speaking about 'KGF2', Sanjay told in a media interaction that his character will be on the lines of 'Avengers: Endgame' super villain Thanos. However, till this film is released, then this statement of Sanjay will be kept in the category of exaggerations. On July 26, the film's Main Villene Teaser Poster was released, in which only Datta's hands were seen wearing a lion ring. But with the look revealed on his birthday, a lot has also been kept hidden with him. As such, the full face of Sanjay's character Adhira is not visible in this poster. In this poster, the character is wearing a turban, with the remaining clothes, he has covered his face. However, there are many tattoos on his face.

What did the first film show?

In the first part of 'KGF', we were shown the story of Garuda who established his unitary rule in Kolar Gold Fields. Garuda was the owner of this gold mine and used to torture people working here. Rocky, that is, King Krishnappa Bairya, a child of a poor household, whose mother died due to lack of money for not getting treatment. But at the time of dying, he had promised his son that he will grow up and earn a lot of strength and money. Rocky came to Mumbai in search of these things and soon became a don named Rocky Bhai. Seeing his growing name, the greedy people grabbing Kolar Khan give him betel nut to kill Garuda. After failing in the first turn, Rocky plans to kill Garuda in his stronghold, that is, in the mine itself and also kills him. The first movie was over here

Where does Adhira come in all this?

Ashira is the uncle of Garuda. Suryavardhan, the gold mine owner, ignores Adhira and hands over the responsibility of handling Khan after his illness to Garuda. Adhir was angry with this. In the first part of the film, Adhira is mentioned in many places, in which she is described as very powerful and cruel. Abha Adhira is also eyeing Khan after Garuda's murder at the hands of Rocky. Rocky, on the other hand, also wants to take possession of that mine. The entire tussle is about that Khan, so Rocky and Adhira will be face to face in 'KGF 2'. Along with this, there will be many more players, who want to take possession of the Kola Gold Mine. The first film only showed the story of killing Garuda. What happens next and where the final story reaches, we will see it in another part of the film. Where there are many people who have their eyes on that gold mine, but the main battle is between Adhira and Rocky

In this film, Kannada superstar Yash is playing the role of 'Rocky'. Apart from him, actors like Srinidhi Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Achyut Kumar, Nassar, Ramchandra Raju, Anant Nag, Malvika Avinash and Vashisht Sinha will also be seen in the second part of the film. Prashant Neel has directed this film. KGF: Shooting of Chapter 2 has started in March 2019. The release date of the film is yet to be announced.
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