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Why is April Fool's Day celebrated?

Why is April Fool's Day celebrated?

Why is April Fool's Day celebrated?
Why is April Fool's Day celebrated?

April 1 means April fools day. April 1 is celebrated worldwide as April Fool's Day. Everybody tries to fool people around him, and he believes only after investigating or ignoring any human being to make no fool of him. When April fools Day started, hardly anyone will know, but there are many stories which I am going to tell you here.

When is April Fool's Day celebrated?

No person can say for sure when April fools started, but here I will share all the stories that claim that April Fool started from here.

1) April Fool's Day is celebrated since the 19th century. But there is no holiday on this day, the English literature father Joffrey Chaucer's Caterbally Tales is the first book in which April Fool was mentioned for the first time.

2) April Fool Day began in France in 1582. In 1582 Pop Chauls replaced the old calendar with the new Roman calendar.

3) It is believed that in 1392 the British writer was found in Chaucer's book Canterbury Tales. It was in the 13 m century that King Richard Second of England and Queen Anne of Bohemia decided to engage. That engagement would be announced on 32 March 1381. The people of Canterbury accepted it as correct, but later it came to know that there is no such thing as 32 March, thus assuming this date to be true, the people of there became foolish.


When and how do April fools Days take place in other countries?

In France, Italy & Belgium paper fish are made and put on people's backs (ie backside) and made fun of.
April full day is celebrated on 28 December in Spanish language speaking country. Such as "Day of Holi Innocent".
Iranian Farsi are staring at each other in the new year.
April Fools Day is celebrated on 1 May in Edenmark and is called "Mage Cut".

2 famous tales of celebrating April Fool's Day !!
1) I am going to tell you about April 1, 1915, when the British officer threw a huge bomb in the airport of Germany. So the people of there started running here and there. When this bomb did not explode even after it was too late, when he came to see the bomb, he saw that it was not a bomb but a football and it had April Fool written on it.

2) The story of 1 April 1960 is quite popular. At that time, someone in London sent a post card to the house of thousands of people and informed that today Sama will be honored as a white donkey in the "Tower of London". You all have to bring this card with you. But the Tower of London was closed for some reason that day. As soon as evening, there was a lot of crowd outside the tower, people were Bachchan to go inside, then they came to know that someone went to them as an idiot (April Full).
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