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Will a 5g phone work on a 4g network?

Will a 5g phone work on a 4g network? (Knowledgekira)

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Will a 5g phone work on a 4g network?

From 8K video streaming to online gaming, 5G will be ahead of 4G in 4 things(knowledgekira)

Even since the news of the arrival of 5G has come, a big question is arising that what are the things that 4G is not able to do right now? List of some of the works that will be given to this new technology.

Will my 4g phone work on a 5g network?

Even on 4G networks, most users do not think about streaming 4K video. 5G will make a big difference and will be able to stream 8K quality videos. There is also no buffering and waiting. This is only a small sample of 5G speed. The funny thing is that right now we have neither phone nor TV to take advantage of it. Huawei has definitely announced 8K 5G TV.

Console gaming online

The experience of online gaming on mobile networks is not always pleasing. The reason is not only the speed of 4G, but also the latency. The term "latency" was used for the time it takes for a network to act on a request. One can assume that the term "latency" will end in 5G era. On the 5G network, you will give commands in the game and the next moment it will be completed. Because of this you will not miss those 'kills' which are currently due to lag. To take advantage of this environment, "Google Stadia" is being strengthened.

Live streaming of events

Will a 5g phone work on a 4g network? It is a small thing to watch sports events and live concerts with the help of virtual reality (VR), you will be able to feel the whole atmosphere. It is still possible but due to internet speed it is very far-fetched. After the arrival of 5G you will feel yourself sitting at the forefront of the field, provided you have a VR headset sitting at home. This will also end the stampede of big events.

Holographic calls

will a 5g phone work on a 4g network?Right now you are happy only by making a video call on WhatsApp or Skype, this is possible on 4G and that too with the occasional bad user experience. Holographic calls will also be possible after 5G. Vodafone has already shown it by doing it. When 5G spreads, you can be virtually present in the room with the person you are talking to on the call. It can be estimated how small the world will feel.
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