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Imran's inflammatory statement - Seeing the condition of Kashmir, 130 crore Muslims around the world will become extremists

Imran's inflammatory statement - Seeing the condition of Kashmir, 130 crore Muslims around the world will become extremists

Worldnews : Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan raised the issue of Kashmir in the United Nations General Assembly, despite being bilateral. He gave a speech in a manner to provoke the world and dragged religion into the terrorism debate. Imran said that seeing the kind of situation in Kashmir, 130 crore Muslims around the world will become extremists.

PM Imran advocates Kashmir issue at UNGA - Full Speech knowledgekira

I think I am in Kashmir. I have been imprisoned there for 55 days. I listen to the rape of Muslim women. I see security forces entering homes. I would have picked up a gun under these circumstances. You are forcing Kashmiris. Imran said- Hindus used to carry out terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka before 9/11. Nobody accuses them. Islamophobia spread rapidly in the world after 9/11.

My country is facing difficult times: Imran

  • I would like to mention only 4 problems here. My country is facing difficult times. I start with climate change. A lot of people talked about it. There is a lack of seriousness on this issue. There is a lot that the world leaders can do, they are not understanding the seriousness. Pakistan is among the top 10 countries affected by climate change. We depend on our rivers and farming. 80 percent of the water comes from the glacier in our country. Not only Pakistan, but India also receives water from glaciers. These glaciers are melting. 5000 glacier lakes have been formed in our mountains. If it does not stop, humanity will face a great tragedy. Our country is working in this direction, but one country cannot do anything. The United Nations should take the lead in this direction.

  • The second issue is more complicated. Every year billions of dollars go from poor countries to rich countries. This money goes to tax haven countries. It is ruining the developing world. The difference between poor and rich countries is increasing because of this. In the last 10 years in my country, our debt has increased four times. The profit we made this year and half of it went to repay the debt. We tracked down the assets that corrupt leaders bought. This situation is serious. Rich countries should show political sentiment and they should not let this happen. This will continue to happen until rich countries build walls to prevent economic fugitives from entering their countries. Why is there a tax haven in our world? The world's population is increasing. If not today then tomorrow the problem has to come.

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  • My third point is Islamophobia. After 9/11, Islamophobia is growing so fast that the situation has become worse. Muslim women wearing hijab have become an issue. Hijab is considered to be some kind of weapon. How this is happening is happening only because of Islamophobia. It has started since 9/11. This is because some Western leaders linked Islam to terrorism. Linked to radical Islam. How can a person sitting in New York, Europe say that this is Modern Islam and this is Radical Islam. Terrorism is not related to any religion. Islamophobia has caused pain in the hearts of Muslims. European countries are marginalizing Muslims. This is bringing radicalism in them. We must pay attention to this issue. Muslim leaders also did not raise this issue.

  • Islam was compared to terrorism after 9/11 because it was a suicide attack. People thought that this community carried out fidayeen attacks because they got hurts in paradise. How did this happen. Nobody accuses Hinduism. What are we trying to prove here? I know the way Western brains work. A book was published in 1989, condemning Mohammad. In the West, we see religion from a different perspective, not like us. Islam is considered an intolerant, religion against freedom of speech. I hold a particular faction in the West responsible for this. It is Muslim leadership that has brought down Muslims. In Islam, the Prophet said that everyone is allowed to follow their religion. When Muslim society does injustice to its minorities it goes against its prophet.

  • Our duty is to protect every religion. Every man should be treated in a manner before the law, irrespective of his religion. Imran said- 70 thousand people died in the war, while in Afghanistan there were Taliban and Al Qaeda. But, 70 thousand Pakistanis were killed. When we came to power, all the political parties of the country decided to end these organizations. Those who accuse us of having terrorist organizations here, we say send UN Observers. We do not have terrorist organizations here. I joined India as a cricket. We have cricket passion here. I have friends in India. I like to go to India. When our party came to power, we tried to go to India first. I talked to Modi that our problems are one, we should cooperate among ourselves. We have terrorist attacks here. We said leave it behind. India canceled it.

  • With elections coming up, we felt that the Nationalist Party did not want to side with Pakistan. India accused us after Pulwama. I said that if we give any proof, we will take action. Instead of sending any evidence, they sent their fighter jets and bombed. We shot down two of their jets and gave their pilot
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