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Where do you find reporters like these?’ Donald Trump leaves Imran Khan red-faced at Kashmir Question.

Donald Trump leaves Imran Khan red-faced at Kashmir Question
Donald Trump leaves Imran Khan red-faced at Kashmir Question.

  • The reporter alleged - India is violating human rights in Kashmir, to which Trump said - this is not your question, the statement.
  • When the reporter spoke about India's role in Kashmir, Trump said - are you part of Imran's team?
  • When Imran talked about talks with India, Afghanistan, Iran, Trump said - you have very friendly neighbors.

Donald Trump leaves Imran Khan red-faced at Kashmir Question

World News : Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan met US President Donald Trump on Monday. Both also answered media queries. Trump was seen destroying Imran's motive for raising the Kashmir issue. The US president was also angry with a Pakistani reporter. He did not answer this reporter's question. Trump also tauntingly asked Imran - where do you bring such reporters? He asked the reporter - are you part of Imran's team. During this, Imran looked uncomfortable. Know, five interesting things happened in Imran and Trump's media conference.

Where do you find reporters like these?

1.Such Reporters Love

The reporter said - India's stand in Kashmir is aggressive. He is violating human rights. India is also unwilling to obey the United Nations. Without first listening to the question, Trump first looked at Imran and then pointed - I like such reporters.

2. Are you part of Imran's team

This reporter continued speaking, ignoring Trump's talk. Trump then looked at Imran and said- I like such reporters. But that reporter probably did not understand the situation. He continued speaking. Trump then fizzled. He said- Are you a part of Imran's team. The reporter said- No, I am not part of their team. Even after this, Trump said, Trump said - this is your statement, not a question. Another reporter did a similar act. He also raised the issue of human rights violations. Trump probably lost his temper. Looking at Imran said - after all, where do you bring such reporters from? Imran was seen giggling.

3. Modi's statement was offensive

A journalist asked questions on the Howdy Modi program and Kashmir. Trump told him- I was also present there. You must have also seen how aggressively the Indian Prime Minister raised this issue. 59 thousand people responded strongly to him. I think Modi is very aggressive on this issue.

4. Nobel on solving Kashmir issue

A reporter questioned Imran. Asked- If you work out a solution to the Kashmir issue, you can get the Nobel Prize. On this, Trump taunted and said - If awards are given in a transparent way, then I can get Nobel for many other things. Obama was given this award. He (Nobel Committee) gives the award immediately after becoming President. But I am not given. I do not understand why Obama was given this award.

5. 'Pakistan has friendly neighbors'

Imran was mostly uncomfortable during the press conference. He also said less. In the beginning, he said in response to a question- I would like to talk to the President on Afghanistan. If there is stability there will also be in Pakistan. We want to talk about India, Kashmir and Iran. To this, Trump quipped - you are living with very friendly neighbors.

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