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When Donald Trump called PM Narendra Modi father of India

When Donald Trump called PM Narendra Modi father of India

When Donald Trump called PM Narendra Modi father of India
When Donald Trump called PM Narendra Modi father of India

World News : On Wednesday, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, a bilateral meeting was held between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump. The two leaders then held a joint press conference. During this time, Trump once again took a mediation stance and appealed for a meeting of Modi-Imran. He said that it would yield good results. In response to a question on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, the US President said that Modi will look into the matter. During the bilateral meeting, Trump assured that a trade deal between the two countries would soon take place. The US President described Modi as popular as American rock star Elvis Presley and called Modi as the Father of Nation.

On Kashmir and terrorism between India and Pakistan, Donald Trump said - I had a long meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Trump said- Many issues were discussed in this meeting. As far as terrorism is concerned, Imran also wants peaceful and fruitful results. I am sure that these two (Modi-Imran) will meet and find some way out. When Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Imran get to know each other, it will yield good results.

Trump is not only me, but good friend of India- Modi

Modi said- thank Donald Trump for coming to Houston. They are good friends not only of me, but also of India. This is a good sign. India and America are close friends. Our friendship continues to grow based on values. As far as Indo-US trade is concerned, I am happy that MoUs worth US $ 2.5 billion have been signed in the energy sector. In the coming days, there will be 60 million dollars of business and 50 thousand people will get employment. Modi told Trump that we called the Pak PM to take oath, traveled to Lahore with minimal security, but in return we got terror attacks.

Modi and Imran can solve Kashmir case- Trump

On Kashmir, Trump said that Modi has given a clear answer to Pakistan. The US President expressed confidence that Modi and Imran can resolve the issue. During the conference, Trump was asked questions about the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Trump was asked that both India and the United States are committed to fight against it, and in such a situation, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan admits that the ISI trends al-Qaeda. What would you say on this? Trump said- I have not heard any such statement, but Prime Minister Modi will look into the matter. I am sure Imran and Modi will find a way out.

Even before the bilateral meeting, Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir

For the fifth time before the meeting, Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir. He said- I definitely want to mediate. But India and Pakistan have different views on this issue and I am worried about it.

Modi-Trump emphasized terrorism in Houston

Modi reached America on 21 September. On September 22 in Houston, Modi and Trump addressed 50 thousand people of the Indian community through a platform. During this time, the two leaders emphasized the relations between India and America. He said that the relations between the two countries have improved. Leaders of two of the world's largest democracies have worked with a spirit to tackle issues such as energy, trade, climate change and terrorism.
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