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Why does Trump mean to Pakistan only on the issue of Afghanistan?

Why does Trump mean to Pakistan only on the issue of Afghanistan?

Why does Trump mean to Pakistan only on the issue of Afghanistan?

  • Pakistan newspaper 'The Dawn' wrote - Why does Trump mean to Pakistan only on the issue of Afghanistan?
  • 'The Tribune' wrote - 40 million Indians are very influential in America, Trump wants his support

World News : US President Donald Trump met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. On Monday, Trump also met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. While in a meeting with Modi, Trump responded to questions on trade agreements to Kashmir, after talks with Imran, he appeared to avoid questions from journalists on Kashmir. Even Trump offered to mediate on the Kashmir issue, but this time he said that it should have both Indo-Pak approval. Pakistan's leading newspapers have introduced this attitude of Trump by linking it with the growing status of India and Indian voters in the world.

'Increasing influence of Indian voters in America'

The Dawn said in its Wednesday editorial, "Imran wants to attract the attention of the entire world on the Kashmir issue. But due to the apathy of the world community, it is proving very difficult for them. During the Howdy Modi rally in Houston, the Prime Minister of India went on to say in front of Trump that solving the Kashmir issue has been his government's biggest achievement. Trump himself went on to speak about Islamic terrorism. This means that the growing influence of Indian voters in America was clearly visible in this program. ”

'Trump spoke on Kashmir only when media questioned'

In a meeting with Imran on Monday, Trump also hinted that the Afghanistan issue is more important to him in his talks with Pakistan. Trump only spoke on Kashmir when reporters questioned him. But Pakistan's foreign minister unhesitatingly called it his diplomatic victory. But he did not understand that Trump would mediate only when India too agreed to settle the dispute. That is, Imran should not expect much from Kashmir on Kashmir, since India has been opposing the interference of third parties in this matter since the beginning. Even in future, he (America) does not seem to change his attitude.

'Modi Promotes Trump as Best Candidate'

According to The Tribune newspaper, during the Howdy Modi program, where Modi promoted Trump as the best candidate for the presidential election, Trump raised the issue of Islamic terrorism. The two leaders were seen to be egoizing each other. Trump wants 40 million influential Indians living in the US to support him. Trump knows that if he won this class, it would be easy to get other classes on his side.
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