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5.51 lakh lamps,Grand Deepotsav celebrations planned in Ayodhya,

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5.51 lakh lamps,Grand Deepotsav celebrations planned in Ayodhya, 

  • 5.51 lakh lamps were burnt in Ayodhya; Yogi said - Modi brought Ramrajya with equal rights to everyone
  • 4 lakh lamps lit in Ayodhya at Ram's paadi, preparing Guinness record
  • A procession of 11 pranks depicting the life story of Shriram was taken out in the Deepotsav
  • Several ministers and administrative officials joined the Deepotsav program along with Chief Minister Yogi.

Ayodhya (Aditya Tiwari). Deepopotsav is being celebrated in the city of Lord Ram in Ayodhya for the last four days. 5.51 lakh lamps were burnt in 14 places in the city on Saturday evening. This event can be included in the Guinness Record. On the banks of Saryu, 4 lakh lamps were lit on the foot of Ram. Lord Rama was seen in the flame of lamps. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reached Ayodhya and performed the aarti of Ram-Sita. He said that Narendra Modi did not see caste and religion and gave equal rights to everyone and established Ram Rajya.

Yogi said, "Prime Minister Modi has done the work of spreading the country's culture all over the world. I wish everyone a happy Diwali. We feel proud of the tradition of Rama. Whenever there is talk of Ayodhya, Ramrajya comes to our mind first. Where there is no place for sorrow. Such a kingdom is called Ram Rajya. Modiji has established a similar Ramrajya. This is an example of modern Ram Rajya that everyone is being given equal rights by not seeing caste and religion. Welfare schemes are being run without any discrimination. ''

'Earlier governments were afraid of the name of Ayodhya'

Yogi said, "Earlier governments were afraid of the name Ayodhya, did not even want to come, but I have come to Ayodhya a dozen and a half times till now. Every time I bring hundreds of crores of schemes for Ayodhya. Even today, we have brought 226 crore schemes for Ayodhya. Ayodhya has to identify him. Ayodhya is recognized for every Sanatan Dharma of the world as it is a sacred place for people of other religions. ''

Fiji's deputy speaker sent a procession

At the Deepotsav, a procession of 11 pranks depicting Ram's life story was taken out in Ayodhya. It showed the scene of Sri Ram's return after conquering Lanka. The procession was flagged off by Veena Kumar Bhatnagar, deputy speaker of Fiji. Chief Minister Yogi said that Veena Bhatnagar has enhanced the tone of Deepotsav as the chief guest.

Artists from 5 countries will perform Ramleela

The festival will feature actors from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines to stage Ramlila. With this, 22 cultural chariots have also been prepared. According to Ashish Mishra, the in-charge of Deepotsav, the preparations for the program have been done. A total of 5001 diyas will be lit for three days (24 to 26 October) in 13 major temples of Ayodhya.
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