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Haryana election results 2019 | haryana election result |haryana election result live

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haryana election result

  • BJP-Shiv Sena alliance leads in 161 seats in Maharashtra, BJP 40 in Haryana and Congress in 31 seats
  • Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav said between results / trends- No difference between elder brother and younger brother, 50-50 will not be removed from formula
  • BJP has 41 seats in Haryana, 5 BJP rebels in 7 independents and the party is claiming their return

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Haryana election results 2019 |haryana election result live

The BJP and Shiv Sena alliance got a clear majority in Maharashtra in the assembly elections held in two states. The coalition has got 161 seats. In Haryana, BJP won 40 seats and Congress 31 seats. The BJP is claiming to form the government on the basis of independents. Of the 7 independents who won, 5 are BJP rebels and the party claims that they will return. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed party workers at the Delhi headquarters and during this he thanked the people of Haryana and Maharashtra. Modi said that the public expressed confidence in the honesty of the team of our Chief Ministers.]

Equation of return of BJP to power in Haryana

In the 90-seat Haryana Assembly, the majority figure is 46. The BJP is on a tally of 40 seats. The party has claimed power over independents. Of the 7 independents, 5 are BJP rebels and the party claims that all of them are coming back. Apart from this, Gopal Kanda of Haryana Lokhit Party has announced to support BJP. Meanwhile, BJP MP Sunita Duggal left for Delhi with two MLAs. Among them, besides Gopal Kanda, Ranveer Singh, son of former Haryana Chief Minister Devi Lal. Ranveer was in the Congress, contested independent elections and won the ticket.

Modi said- Congratulations to the public before Diwali

At the Delhi headquarters, Modi addressed party workers. He said- Before the start of Diwali, I thank the people of Maharashtra and Haryana, because they expressed confidence in the BJP and gave their blessings.

Shah said- BJP-Army alliance in Maharashtra is forming government with absolute majority. We emerged as the largest party in Haryana. In Haryana and Maharashtra, we were never able to make a Chief Minister. The people of the country changed in 2014. Under Modi's leadership, he won the election by giving an absolute majority. BJP government was formed at both places. Within 5 months, with the speed and accuracy of which the Modi-2 government acted, the public confirmed it.

JJP contested for the first time in Haryana, got 10 seats

Abhay Chautala split from the INLD and his nephew Dushyant Chautala formed the Jananayak Janata Party (JJP) 10 months ago. It has got 10 seats in this assembly election. However, 5 members of the Chautala family contested from different parties and 4 of them won.

Shiv Sena demands 50-50 participation in power in Maharashtra

The Shiv Sena has sought equal participation in the coalition government. Party president Uddhav Thackeray said that a 50-50 formula was decided for the alliance and we will not back down from it. I am not saying this with my mind. It was agreed with the BJP before the Lok Sabha elections.

BJP's vote share declines on nationalism, Article 370

During the election campaign in Maharashtra and Haryana, the BJP raised issues like abolishing Article 370, triple talaq and nationalism. On the other hand, other opposition parties, including Congress, surrounded the present BJP governments on unemployment, farmers, corruption and economy. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Haryana, BJP got 58% of the votes, while in the assembly elections held 5 months later, the vote percentage increased to 36% i.e. a loss of 22%. On the other hand, in the 2014 assembly in Maharashtra, the coalition parties received 47.6% votes. The Lok Sabha election received 51% votes. In this assembly election, the vote share came down to 42%, which is about 9% less than the Lok Sabha elections.
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