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Anatomy of a raid: How the United States took out Baghdadi |All Trump News

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Anatomy of a raid: How the United States took out Baghdadi 

  • Trump watches operation in White House situation room with Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Minister Mike Esper
  • Trump said that America had received concrete information about Baghdadi's whereabouts a week earlier.

Washington. US President Donald Trump saw the live broadcast of the elimination of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS). In the White House, Trump along with top officials monitored every move of the US military. He said, "It was just like watching a cinema." Baghdadi was killed in an overnight campaign led by American forces in Syria.

Trump announced Baghdadi's death on Sunday. In his nation's address to the White House, Trump gave a detailed account of the case. He told how Baghdadi, along with his three children, ran into the tunnel for fear of being apprehended by the US military and then surrounded himself with a suicide blast. He and his three children died in this. Trump said Baghdadi's body was mutilated in the explosion, but was identified by test.

Trump saw operation in White House situation room

National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien said, "The operation required permission to fly in the airspace of Russia, Iraq and Turkey. Trump arrived at the White House at 4:30 pm on Saturday playing golf from Virginia as part of his official schedule. At that time it was 10:30 in Syria. At 5 pm, President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Defense Minister Mark Asper and NSA O'Brien himself arrived in the White House situation room, including officers of the intelligence department. Everyone watched the operation live from here.

Information was received about Baghdadi for a month

Trump said in his address that the US had been receiving information about Baghdadi's bases for over a month. It also included some important information from the Kurds. Intelligence officials received concrete information about his situation two weeks ago, while Trump was informed three days ago of a planned campaign to end Baghdadi.

US Army Operation in Idlib Province

Trump said Special Forces were grounded in cover of military helicopters, planes and drones in Syria's Idlib province to kill Baghdadi. After this, soldiers started action against the terrorists. Trump recently approved action against IS.
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