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We are not Nazi lovers, says EU MPs delegation after Kashmir visit, advocates India-Pak talks

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  • Opposing the visit of the European Union MPs to Kashmir, Asaduddin Owaisi called them Naziists
  • People of Kashmir want peace and development, situation of minorities in Pakistan worrisome: EU MP
  • EU MPs meet Panch-sarpanches, students, women in Srinagar; Kills for killing 5 laborers in Kulgam
  • 23 MPs of EU on 2-day visit to Kashmir, on opposition of Congress, BJP said- You too go, who stopped
Srinagar. After the removal of Article 370, a delegation of 23 members of the European Union (EU) is on a two-day visit to Kashmir. On Wednesday, MPs said during a shared press conference that Kashmir is India's internal issue. We do not want to let Kashmir become another Afghanistan by getting involved in the politics here. Thierry Mariani, a delegation MP, said that we have come to see the situation of Kashmir, which has been suffering from terrorism.

Mariani said, a section of the Indian media is calling us Naziists, but if we were like this then the public would not have chosen us. Earlier, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said that the union has not sent EU MPs, these people are Naziists.

  • European Economic and Social Committee Chairman Henry Mallos said that Kashmir has everything that can make it the fastest growing region. India has grown well at the level of development, while Kashmir is backward due to its position despite getting subsidy.
  • He further said, the message that we have received from the tour of Kashmir is that there is hope. We have to support good health status, communication, new infrastructure projects and education here. Mallos said that we are being called fascist and racist, but that is not the case. We know that Kashmir is unfortunately under threat. Only 5 innocent laborers were killed yesterday.
  • One MP said, "I have come to India many times in the past. There is a lot of propaganda about Kashmir, which is not right. We have nothing to do with politics here. We have just come to know the facts. Want to know what kind of steps are being taken to bring normal life back on track here.
  • "People of Kashmir told that they are Indians and they want to help every possible government for development." The citizens of Kashmir want good hospitals and jobs. I have also gone to Pakistan and Syria. Terrorists only fight their battles. There is a big fight going on against international terrorism. ''

'Corruption in Kashmir, people do not get money sent from center'

The second MP said, "I express my condolences to the family of the laborers who were killed by the terrorists yesterday." In Europe, we fought against each other for many years, but now we have learned to live in peace. There is a very strong relationship between Europe and India. India is fighting against terrorism. We have come here to know the same situation. We talked to people. The people of Kashmir said that a large fund comes from the central government, but it does not reach the citizens. There is a lot of corruption here. ''

“We have come here to know the thinking that is being made about Kashmir. Terrorism is a problem not just of India but of us and the world. We are with India. India is larger than many countries in Europe. We want India to take tough measures against terrorism, in which we are standing with it. We have come to know the situation in Kashmir. We are not Nazis. We are not supporters of Hitler. We hope that Europe will get the right information about Kashmir and India from us. ''

'Improvement efforts in Kashmir better, people will be asked to move here'

The UK MP said that 370 is an internal matter of India. No one can interfere in this. We have tried to resolve the dispute between India and Pakistan earlier. Here we talked to many people. Good work is being done for development. Press freedom is a good thing in India. People have chosen us with their freedom. We are not Nazi. Another MP said that the steps the government is taking to improve Kashmir are fine. We will go to Europe and tell them. The delegation has MPs from 8 countries. We will ask the people of Europe to visit Kashmir. We should support India. We will also tell the situation of Pakistan and its minorities in Europe.

EU MPs visit Shikara in Dal Lake, meet people

27 EU MPs were to go to Kashmir, but 4 returned from Delhi on Tuesday. These four are said to have demanded to meet the local people without security, which the government did not accept. The MPs met Panch-sarpanches, students, women, traders and fruit growers on the first day in Srinagar. He went on a trek to Dal Lake. Army commanders informed him of the situation in Kashmir. Chief Secretary BVR Subramanian and DGP also briefed the MPs about the state of the state. EU MPs met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on Monday.

We have nothing to hide, only to show: BJP

BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said on the opposition of Congress, "When Article-370 was removed, then some necessary steps were taken for peacekeeping. As soon as the situation became normal, all the restrictions were lifted. Now we have nothing to hide, only to show. If you want to go to Kashmir, then Congress leaders can also go by flight. Go to Gulmarg, visit Anantnag, take a walk, go for a walk. Who has stopped them? All foreigners
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