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8 Impressive Health Benefits of Onions - Knowledgekira

8 Impressive Health Benefits of Onions - Knowledgekira
8 Impressive Health Benefits of Onions 

Onions contain antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, reduce onion triglycerides and lower cholesterol levels - all of which act as a boon for heart patients. The powerful anti-onion properties of onions greatly help in reducing high blood pressure and protecting against blood clots. Onion prevents our hair from founting.

Onion has many benefits and is a very good home recipe. Onion not only works to make food delicious, it is also a great medicine. It works as a panacea in many diseases.

Onion is used a lot in food. Onion is very beneficial for health. Onion is the panacea of ​​lu. It is a great medicine for the eyes. Calcium and riboflavin (vitamin B) are found in sufficient quantity in onions. Let us tell you how beneficial onion is for your health.

8 Impressive Health Benefits of Onion

1.Benefits of onion on heatstroke

Consuming more onion during summer season prevents sunstroke. Two spoonfuls of onion juice should be drunk after sunstroke, it gives great relief to the body and massaging with a few drops of juice on the chest is beneficial. Putting a small onion together does not cause heatstroke.

2.Benefits of onion on hair

Onion is very effective to get rid of hair fall problem. Rubbing onion juice in place of falling hair will stop hair fall. Apart from this, black hair starts growing on applying hair coating.
If urine stops, take two spoons of onion juice and wheat flour and make pudding. By applying this paste on the stomach after heating it, urine starts coming. Boiling in water and drinking also removes urination related problems.

4.Benefits of onion For a cold

Onion is very hot, if we eat onion then our body gets heat which helps in cold cold. Hence onion is very beneficial for winter. Eating onion is beneficial when there is a cold or cold.

5.Benefits of onion For ages 

Eating onions does not cause many physical ailments. Apart from this, onion drives away many diseases. Therefore, it is said that eating onion increases age, because its consumption causes no disease and the body remains healthy.
Onion is very useful for you if you have stones. Mixing onion juice in sugar and drinking syrup makes it easy to get rid of stones. Drinking onion juice on an empty stomach in the morning automatically cuts the stone out of the way of thirst.

7.Benefits of onion for arthritis - 

Onion is very beneficial in arthritis. Massage the mixture with mustard oil and onion juice in arthritis. In rheumatism, our body is in a lot of pain at a place which a person has to endure so much. If you eat onion, it will help a lot in arthritis.

8.Benefits of onion for sexual strength - 

Eating onion increases the sex capacity of the body. Onions have already been used to increase physical capacity. Onion is the best tonic to increase sex power for men.

Apart from this, onion is also used on many other common physical problems like - cataract, headache, earache and snake bite. Applying onion paste gives relief to torn eddy.
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