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Benefits of hot water drinking: If your weight is increasing continuously and despite your lakhs of efforts there is no difference, then you drink honey and lemon mixed with hot water for three consecutive months. You will definitely feel the difference. If you do not want to drink  healthy water then you start drinking a cup of hot water after eating food.

relief from cold and cold

Even if you have chest tightness and a cold, then drinking hot water is not less than a panacea for you. Throat is also cured by drinking hot water. Its use provides relief.

Get up in the morning

It is good to drink a glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. Include it in your habit.

This keeps the stomach clean. Drinking water does not cause dryness in the skin.

Lukewarm water instead of soft drinks

Drinking lukewarm hot water or lemonade instead of soft drinks will increase your energy level and digestive system will also be right.

after getting up in the morning

After waking up in the morning, add honey and lemon to warm or lukewarm water and drink it. This removes toxic elements from the body and the immune system is also right.

Some people drink too much cold water

Some people drink too much cold water. This can cause kidney failure. So do not drink too much cold water.

tea or coffee

If you drink more tea or coffee then drink green tea and hot water instead. It gives a lot of energy.

soft drink

Instead of a soft drink, drink lukewarm water or lemonade. Your energy level will increase and the digestive system will also be right.

 place of cold water

To lose weight, drinking lukewarm water instead of cold water is beneficial.

Drinking water

Drinking water removes acidity, because water keeps the stomach clean and your body's blood pressure is also correct.

Our brain is made up of 90 percent water

Our brain is made up of 90 percent water. Not drinking water also causes headaches. So you should consume maximum water. It will benefit you very much.

The patient should not drink cold water only if he is thirsty in fever. Hot water is more useful for the body in fever.

 Most stomach diseases

Most stomach diseases arise due to contaminated water. If the habit of drinking water after cooling water is made, then most stomach diseases will not be able to flourish in the body.

Power Communication

Hot water transmits strength in the body. All diseases related to phlegm and cold are cured by its use.

Asthma, hiccups and sore throat

In addition to using hot water for the treatment of diseases like asthma, hiccups and sore throat, drinking hot water is appropriate for the body even after consuming fried and fried substances.

benefits of lemon in hot water

Benefits of hot water with lemon in the morning, drinking a mixture of one lemon juice (Hot Water mix with lemon Juice) in a glass of warm water, the body gets sufficient quantity of vitamin C. The combination of lemon with warm water makes the body's immune system strong and the pH level of the body also remains correct.

benefits of hot lemon water
benefits of hot lemon water

Regular intake of hot water also increases blood circulation. Actually, drinking hot water increases body temperature. All the toxic elements of the body are eliminated through sweat.

The patient should not drink cold water when he has fever. Hot water should be drunk only; Hot water is more beneficial in fever.

Benefits of hot water due to gas

If there is pain due to gas in any part of the body, then drinking a glass of hot water causes gas to come out.

Characterized by contaminated water

Most stomach diseases are caused by contaminated water, if the water is heated and then cooled and drunk, then most of the stomach diseases will not be able to flourish.

Taking warm water with honey and lemon reduces appetite. A large amount of fiber is present in warm water with honey and lemon, which provides sufficient energy by reducing hunger cravings and sugar levels. In this way, consuming it regularly in the morning will reduce the amount of food you take throughout the day. Starting your day with honey and lemon with lukewarm water will reduce your weight to a great extent.

 Is drinking hot water good for skin?

The benefits of lemon for skin are numerous but apart from that the cleansing element in it helps in purifying the blood, helps in the production of new blood cells. The mixture of water and honey has a unique, strong antibacterial and collagen enhancing properties for your skin. So if you want naturally glowing skin then this drink will prove to be very beneficial for you.Is drinking hot water good for your skin.

Rich in nutrients and vitamins

Many essential anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients are found in the hot water of honey and lemon, besides it has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, the body's immune system is strengthened by its intake. It is also helpful in reducing weight.

Strengthen immunity

Consumption of honey is very beneficial for the body, which is why doctors always recommend its intake. Regular intake of lemon and lukewarm water with honey increases the body's resistance. The antioxidants and many nutrients present in honey and lemon help to keep the body away from infections that occur with changing seasons.

 Keep the circulation of blood correct
  • In order to keep the body running smoothly, it is very important for blood to flow properly throughout the body and drinking hot water in it is very benefits of hot water.
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