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Five such major terrorist attacks of the world - which shocked the whole world

Five such major terrorist attacks of the world
Five such major terrorist attacks of the world

Humanity has become ashamed every time the world has faced terrorist attacks. Terrorism is a canker for the whole world. One can make all efforts to stop it in future, but the spots of history can never be erased.

Terrorism has never seen religion, neither children nor old nor rich and poor, whoever came in front of it was killed a painful death. Today, we will tell you about the five major terrorist attacks in the world which made people's hearts tremble.

9/11 terrorist attack in America

On 11 September 2001, a suicide attack was carried out by Al Qaeda terrorists on America. It killed about 3000 people and injured 8900 people. It is considered to be the biggest and fiercest terrorist attack in world history. Al Qaeda militants hijacked four passenger jets and collided two of them with the World Trade Center (Twin Towers in New York City).

In this attack, all the people aboard the planes, the terrorists themselves and others present in the Twin Towers were killed. The third plane was struck by militants at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, outside Washington DC. The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in the Pennsylvania countryside in an attempt to regain control of the aircraft by some passengers and flight crew. There was no survivor in the aircraft in any of these incidents.

9/11 terrorist attack in America
9/11 terrorist attack in America

Iraq: 2 tons explosive attack on Yazidi community

The world's second largest attack took place on 14 August 2007 in Iraq. A car was used by the terrorists for this. A huge amount of explosives were placed in the car. The attack was specifically aimed at the people of the Yazidi community.

The terrorists filled two tons of explosives in three cars and hit a fuel tanker in the building. The attack killed about 756 people and injured more than 1,500 people. Who was behind this attack has not been completely clear yet.

Russia: Beslan School Massacre

In September 2004, more than 1000 people were taken hostage at Beslan School in Russia. In this attack, about 330 people were killed, of which the maximum number was children. It was carried out by Chechen terrorists. Masked women and men, wearing explosive belts, entered the school, firing bullets. On entering the school, the terrorists killed all the male teachers, including the guards present there.
After this, everyone was held hostage in the sports hall and put explosives on the basketball court. This entire incident went on for about three days. The militants demanded that the Russian government withdraw its forces from Chechnya. At the same time, Russia denied this clearly. Hundreds of children were killed in an encounter between the army and the militants.

Air India Flight-182

On 23 June 1985, Air India flight Kanishka-182 was scheduled to reach New Delhi via London after taking off from Toronto. But before dawn, there was a strong explosion at a height of 31000 feet after entering the border of Europe. This killed all 329 people on board the aircraft, including 22 crew members. The wreckage of the aircraft shattered in the Antarctic near the border of Ireland.

Air India Flight-182
Air India Flight-182

This Antarctic area was filled with corpses and aircraft pieces. The entire 29 families were killed in this incident. The deaths were 268 Canadian citizens, mostly of Indian origin, and 24 Indian nationals. Investigation revealed that a bag full of bombs was placed in the cargo section of the ship and that the keepers did not board the flight.

6/11 Mumbai terror attack

This was the biggest terrorist attack ever in India. A total of 166 people were killed and 293 injured. On 26 November 2011, 10 suicide bombers entered Mumbai armed with weapons. The militants captured Nariman House, Hotel Taj and Hotel Oberoi. Terrorists also opened fire at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal.

The attack began on the night of 26 November, ending on 29 November with the death of all terrorists except Ajmal Amir Kasab. The only terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab could be caught alive. Kasab was hanged after the entire legal process.
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