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Imran ready to accept Maulana's every condition; Said- I will not resign from the post of Prime Minister

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Imran Khan

  • Imran sent a team of ministers to Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman, leader of the independence march.
  • Imran was quoted in the reports as saying - Willing to accept every legitimate demand of opposition, will not just resign.

Islamabad Politics in Pakistan seems to be taking a new turn. The Imran government seems to be bowing down to Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman's independence march. Maulana is adamant on the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. But, Imran said on Tuesday - I am ready to accept every legitimate demand of the opposition, but will not resign from the post of Prime Minister. Maulana started the independence march on 27 October. For three days, his supporters have been in the capital Islamabad. Maulana has made it clear that Imran will have to resign.

Imran's minister met Rehman

All efforts are being made to persuade Maulana to end the independence march. However, it seems difficult to finish before Imran's resignation because Maulana was not ready to back down even on the appeal of the army. The team of ministers met the Rahbar committee conducting the independence march under the leadership of Defense Minister Pervez Khatak on Tuesday afternoon. Earlier, Imran told 'The Tribune' - I am ready to accept every reasonable demand of the opposition. But, will not resign.

Imran betrayed the country

On Monday night, Maulana addressed the independence march. Said, “Imran Khan stole public opinion 2018 with some people. He was never an elected PM. He is just selected and now we say that Imran Khan you are now rejected. Therefore, resign and go home. Your command is not acceptable to the country. ”Imran's problem is even more because both the major opposition parties are supporting PML-N and PPP Maulana. Bilawal Bhutto and Shahbaz Sharif are addressing those involved in the independence march.

Two demands important

Imran and the military are trying their best to prepare Maulana to take back the independence march. But till now, the 66-year-old Maulana has not bowed down to the government and the army. He has two major demands. And it is not possible for both Imran and Bajwa to believe these two. First - Imran Khan's government should resign immediately. Secondly, new elections should be held in the country and the army should not monitor them at all.
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