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 Parliament LIVE Updates:- PM Modi says Rajya Sabha took bold decisions, don't make it secondary

  • The Prime Minister said- the strength of unity in India's diversity is seen in the House
  • Modipraise NCP and BJD MPs for their behavior in Rajya Sabha
  • In the 250th session, the dress of the Marshals of the Rajya Sabha was changed.

PM Modi says Rajya Sabha took bold decisions, don't make it secondary

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the members on the occasion of the 250th session of the Rajya Sabha. On this occasion, the dress of the marshals was changed. Modi said that the discussion was going on whether the house should be one or two. But the system that the constitution makers have given is very appropriate. If the lower house is connected to the ground, then the upper house can see far. In the lower house, there is a reflection of the ground situation of India, then there is a vision here. This house saw many historical moments. Made history and saw history being made. It also worked to twist history when needed.

Modi said- 'Chairman, when you were presenting two events by combining them. I think that those who are fond of writing will definitely look into this. There have been 250 sessions of thought travel. New day came after every day, times changed and circumstances changed. The House assimilated the changed circumstances and attempted to mold itself. For this, all the members of the House deserve to be congratulated. It is a reflection of our development journey. This House shows how India has leadership potential in the global scenario. '

'I got to see many things in the Rajya Sabha afresh'

The Prime Minister said- "Two aspects of the House are special. One is sustainability and the other is diversity. People come and go but, stability remains. It inspires every moment the soul of India's federal structure. The formula of unity in India's diversity is seen in the House of its greatest strength. It is not very easy for everyone to cross the electoral arena, but the utility of those people in the country is not reduced. Their benefit is found in the political life, policy making of the country. '

'Celebrities of the country have led this House. A lot of things had to be created after independence, the maturity with which everyone led at that time is a big thing. After 250 sessions of journey and experience, our responsibility for the generations to come increases. Are we meeting Radhakrishnan's expectations or not. I hope that the current generation of the House will continue to strive in this direction. I got an opportunity to see many things afresh. '

'House makes big decision by removing three divorces and 370'

Modi said- "The law of triple talaq everyone felt that it would get stuck in Rajya Sabha. But, this house did a great job of empowering women. Due to reservation in our country, the seeds of struggle have been sown on everyone. In this house, 10% reservation of poor family of general class was fixed. Everyone worked hard for GST. There are drawbacks, or not. But, this House has done the work of giving direction to the country for One Nation and One Tax.

'Promises were made in 1964, steps were taken to remove Section 370 in this House. Priority is the welfare rule given by the Constitution makers. Along with that, the welfare of states is also a responsibility. The two together in the House can move the states forward. Our federal structure is important for the development of our country. Progress is possible only when the state and central governments work together. The Rajya Sabha ensures that the central and state governments are not rivals in the country. '

'Rajya Sabha should remain a support house for the development of the country'

Modi said- 'When the 200 sessions of the house were completed in 2003, the NDA government was still there. Atalji was the Prime Minister, Atalji's speech during the 200th session was interesting. He had said that a second chamber exists to make the power of our parliamentary democracy. It was also warned not to make the mistake of making Second House a secondary house. '

In today's time, I would like to say the point of Atalji that Rajya Sabha should remain a support house for the development of India. When 50 years had passed for our parliamentary system, Atalji had said that the flow of a river is good as long as its banks are strong. He said that one side of India's parliamentary flow is Lok Sabha and the other side is Rajya Sabha. Only when these two will remain strong will the flow of democratic traditions move in the right way. '

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