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Top five flop new movies november 2019

Follow us for news of entertainment, Friends, in today's article, we will tell you about 5 films released this week, 2 flops, 2 superflops and 1 film has become a hit.

Top five (5) flop new movies november 2019

1. Terminator

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Dark Fate - The story of 'Terminator: Dark Fate', the sixth film in the Hollywood superhit franchise Terminator Series, is similar to 'Terminator: Judgment Day' in which two robots from the future are involved in which one tries to kill and the other saves. That Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton starrer The film is made on a budget of about $ 185 million. The film has grossed $ 23.2 million so far. This film has flopped at the box office.

2.  The Portal

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The story of Hollywood's science fiction film The Portal, released this week, is about six people who use the power of mindfulness to change their lives. Directed by Jonathan Williams, the film has flopped at the box office, grossing just $ 2.30 million in a budget of $ 20 million.

3. Bhangra Pa Le 

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This comedy film of Punjabi Dance by Sunny Kaushal, brother of superstar Vicky Kaushal, is also based in which an excellent love story is also shown. Directed by Sneha Taurani, the film has so far become a superflop at the box office with a gross of just Rs 30 lakhs.

4. Motherless Brooklyn 

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Adorned with top-notch actors such as Bruce Willis, Bobby Canvale, Cherry Jones, Alec Baldwin, and Willem Dafoe, the film is set to spy on the Murder Case. Directed by Edward Norton, the film has a budget of about $ 26 million and it has gone superfloated so far with earnings of $ 1.1 million.

5. Ujda Chaman 

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Sunny Singh Starrer This film is the story of a man who has become married but is unable to marry because no girl is marrying him because of his baldness. Abhishek Pathak has created this with a great social message. Made in a budget of about 7 crore rupees, the film has become a hit so far with an earning of 6 crores.
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