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Vitamin b12 benefits | Vitamin b12 supplement

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vitamin b12 supplement

Vitamin b12 benefits: Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin B are very helpful for keeping the body healthy. Lack of vitamin B-12 and vitamin B in the body can also cause many serious diseases.

1. Benefits of Vitamin B-12-

Vitamin B-12 helps to make the gene DNA found in our cells. It makes up some elements of the brain, spinal cord, and non-brain. Red blood efforts are also formed from this. It also works to make different types of proteins for all parts of the body. It is such vitamin, which is absorbed in our intestines. There are lacto bacillus present which helps in the absorption of B-12. Then it is stored in the liver. After that, the liver works to send it to the parts of the body that need it.

2. Disadvantages of Vitamin B-12 deficiency-

Lack of vitamin B.12 causes tingling and burning sensation in hands. Behavioral instability can lead to unnecessary fatigue, depression and loss of memory. When vitamin B-12 is severely deficient, it causes damage to the spinal cord, which can result in paralysis.

3. Keep food in mind -

Vegetarian people should consume milk, yogurt, butter, soya milk and cheese regularly. Non-vegetarian people should eat eggs, fish, red meat, chicken and sea food to overcome vitamin B-12 deficiency. On our part, we always try to adopt a balanced and nutritious diet. However, due to today's very busy lifestyle, there is some shortage in our food, due to which many health problems start to bother us. By the way, all vitamins and micronutrients are essential for our good health. Vitamin B-12 is one such element, the deficiency of which is very harmful for health.

4. What is the reason for the deficiency -

The biggest reason for this is heredity. If there is any intestinal surgery, it causes vitamin B-12 deficiency. Intestinal diseases called kröngs due to which the intestines are unable to absorb vitamin B-12. If a person has been suffering from anemia for a long time, then B-12 deficiency in vitamin can also be found. The problem caused by its deficiency is called megaloblastic anemia. Even if the diabetes drug Metformin is consumed for a long time, vitamin B-12 in the intestines is destroyed. Vegetarian people are more prone to this problem because this vitamin is found mainly in animal products. This problem is more prevalent in Asian countries, especially in India, because a large part of the total population here is vegetarian.

5. How to identify its deficiency

If there is deficiency of vitamin B-12 in the body, then such symptoms are seen. Tingling and burning sensation in the hands and feet indicate its deficiency. There is a decrease in memory. Behavioral instability begins. Unnecessary fatigue begins. Depression begins. If there is too much deficiency of Vitamin B-12 in the body, then the neuralgia of the spinal cord starts to destroy. In such a situation a person may have paralysis. Vitamin B-12 serves to deliver protein to the nerves of every part of the body.

6. Treatment and Prevention

If any of these symptoms are seen, serum vitamin B-12 should be tested without delay. Often people consider its symptoms to be minor fatigue or anemia
Ignore taxes. But it is not advisable to do this, as this problem can take serious form later. Vegetarian people are special towards their food
One should be vigilant and they should consume plenty of milk products. Normally its volume in the body of a healthy person is 400.500
The picogram should be milliliters. If its quantity in the body decreases, then the person is given a tablet or injection called methyl cobalamin. The amount of the drug depends on the severity of the merge. It does not have any side effects. This medicine works to activate Lactobacillus bacteria present in the intestines. If it is identified at the right time, then this problem is solved with medicines and healthy food.

7. Vitamin B-12 in Food

The question often arises as to what things we should include in our diet, so that the body does not lack vitamin B-12. Here is a list of vegetarian and non-vegetarian people, a list of things in which vitamin B-12 is found.

8. Veterinary

Vegetarian people should take special care of their food. They have a limited number of sources of vitamin B-12, so they should consume milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese, butter, soy milk, or tofu regularly. B-12 is found mainly in soil. Therefore, it is also found partially in ground vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, etc. Apart from this, 45 multigrain breads and those protein powders are also good sources. If 100 grams of protein powder is added to one kilogram of flour, then the person gets nutrition of vitamin B-12.


Non-vegetarian people get plenty of vitamin B-12 from eggs, fish, red meat, chicken and sea food, but high intake of them increases the cholesterol level in the body, which proves to be harmful. Therefore, non-vegetarian intake should be limited and balanced. We get an average of 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 daily.
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