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What is protein and Why is protein so important?

What is protein and Why is protein so important?
What is protein and Why is protein so important?

The main essential element of food is protein. This element makes the cells of the body i.e. meat etc. By living in its abundant food, the work of building and repairing the cells of the body goes on smoothly throughout life. Fractions of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur are found in the protein. It may also contain phosphorus. Protein is high in nitrogen. Protein is of two types 

1.Obtained from animals 
2.Obtained from fruits, vegetables and grains etc. 

However, if there is more protein in the body, then it comes out through the stool. However, the body needs regular protein for daily needs, but it is also important to pay attention to the fact that more protein than necessary can harm the body rather than gain it, but even after the meal, the protein in the body If there is a deficiency, then it is very important to fill that deficiency with proteins made from outside by artificial means.

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According to the World Health Organization, one gram of protein is needed per person per kilogram of weight, that is, if the weight is 50 kg, then 50 grams of protein is required daily. Protein is found in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. If both are taken together in a meal, then the body can contain plenty of protein. Medical scientists have proved that if there is no shortage of living elements in the body, then the body avoids diseases. Protein is required to protect against infectious diseases.

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Why is protein so important  ?

Sources of protein

The best kind of protein exists in egg , milk, curd, cheese, fish, meat, liver, kidney and brain. Other types of protein are found in pulses, green vegetables and grains.

Proteins in Eggs

Full Egg
Egg of white
Egg yolk

Protein in milk

Animal's Name
Cow's milk
Goat's milk
Sheep milk
Buffalo milk
Female milk

Why is protein so important  ?

Protein requirement: Children need more protein because their body is developing.
Even in old age, the body is in great need of protein as it is a stage when the protein is digested quickly. At this age, if the amount of protein decreases then there is lack of vitality. Therefore, the amount of protein in foods should be increased at this stage.

Benefits of protein: During pregnancy, the mother as well as the baby growing in the womb also require a lot of protein. Protein is essential in the development of the body of an unborn child. Then it is necessary for the health of the mother. Protein deficiency can adversely affect the health of the mother and the unborn child in this stage. Therefore, it is very important that the mother should use protein rich food more and more during pregnancy.

Just like mother needs more protein during pregnancy. In the same way, feeding mothers also need protein. Protein deficiency at this stage can affect the health of both mother and child. Both types of proteins should be given to the feeding mothers and pregnant women.

After the diseases, the power of the patient's body is depleted. In this state, the patient becomes humbled and helpless. The fibers, cells, etc. of the body of the patient are severed, so they should be given more and more types of proteins for the purpose of providing new vitality and strength so that the body can recover its lost strength. 

People who do not get the proper food protein after diseases or after an operation, the possibility of getting re-morbid cannot be ruled out. The patient's body is already broken by the disease. After that, the power of the body is destroyed more rapidly due to not eating properly and the disease comes back again.
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