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When sick, students will be able to send robots to class instead, make notes

  • The pilot project started at Tomobe Higashi Special Support School near Tokyo.
  • Recently, its use has been successful, the student said - it has been very fun to use and rotate in different directions.

Tech News: 
In the coming time, students will be able to study by sending robots to class instead of ill. Japanese scientists are working on this. According to them, "The robot can be sent to the class instead of the student. Students will be able to control it with the help of a tablet from the hospital or home. The robot will be able to share the things told in the classroom with the camera live. They will also be able to make notes and lecture. Understand. " Currently, it has been started as a pilot project. It will be implemented across the country if the experiment is successful.

It also claps and hello

The pilot project has been initiated from the Tomobe Higashi Special Support School located on the Tokyo border. The robot is named Auri. In the absence of the student, Ori will be placed on the desk. It has two hands. There is a camera on the forehead, which brings the activity of the class to the live student. It is controlled with the help of a tablet. It has also been successfully used recently.

Japanese robot
Speakers have been installed in it, with the help of which the student will speak whatever he says from home, he will release it in the class as robot audio. A robot sitting at home can also be folded in different directions. Based on the teacher's talk in the class, the robot also expresses emotion. Like when it likes something, it claps, hands gestures and hi-hello.

According to 11-year-old student Asahi, it is fun to use and rotate in different directions. Asahi used it while he was in the hospital. The school administration also allowed remote study in such a situation.

According to school principal Noboru Tachi, children can control Auri very easily. It is like attending a class for them. We are focusing on implementing this system fully. The CEO of the company that produced it, Kantaro Yoshifuji, aged 10 and 14, could not attend the school of illness. That is why he designed a robot that could help such children. more article

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