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Another Airstrike, 6 killed in Iraq after killing Iranian general; Trump said - steps taken to stop the war

Another Airstrike, 6 killed in Iraq after killing Iranian general; Trump said - steps taken to stop the war
  • Accordin to news agency sources, American drones attacked a convoy of Shia rebels in northern Baghdad
  • The rebels were close to Iranian general Qasim Sulemani who died in Baghdad Airport on Friday.
  • US President said in a press conference- American military killed top terrorist in the world with a surefire attack

Baghdad: The US has not stopped its operations, even after killing Iran's most powerful commander General Qasim Suleimani in Iraq. According to sources, American drones attacked a convoy of the Shia rebel organization- Popular Mobilization Force (PMF) in northern Baghdad late on Friday. At least 6 died in this. According to reports, people also heard the sounds of bomb blasts in the fresh city east of Baghdad.

US President Donald Trump held a press conference late Friday night on actions against the Iranian general. In it, he said that the decision to kill General Qasim was taken to prevent a possible war between the two countries, not to start. He said that the world number-1 terrorist General Suleimani was killed by the unmistakable attack by the US Army. With this, the reign of terror in the region ended. Trump continued, "Qasim Suleimani was plotting deadly attacks on American diplomats and military personnel, but we captured and killed him.

America increased security of military bases, sent 3 thousand soldiers

The death of Sulemani will now start a new war of supremacy between the Central-West Asian countries. The effect is visible. The US has increased the security of military bases in the Gulf countries. 5,000 US troops are stationed in Iraq, 750 were sent 2 days ago. Now 3 thousand soldiers are being sent. All air travel from Baghdad Airport is closed.

How did America attack General Qasim Sulemani?

  • Sulaimani reached Iraq or Baghdad from Syria or Lebanon late Thursday
  • Shia rebel organizations - PML vehicles came on the airstrip to pick them up here
  • PML chief Muhandis was sitting in a car, both came out after welcoming Qasim
  • American MQ-9 drone fired 4 rockets at the convoy as it exited Baghdad Airport.

General Qasim became the head of the 'Quds Army' of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 1998

General Qasim Sulemani became the head of the 'Kuds Army', a 1998 Specialist Agents' contingent of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. According to leaked documents from the US Intelligence Department, Qasim was accused of teaching local combatants in Syria and Iraq the techniques of war against American soldiers. According to WikiLeaks, in 2009, US officials had asked to contact General Qasim to stop an attack on their bases in Baghdad. Then Kasim denied having any involvement in these attacks.
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