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Arthritis can also occur in children, know what are its symptoms

Arthritis can also occur in children, know what are its symptoms
Arthritis can also occur in children

Arthritis is not just a problem of adults and the elderly, but it can be seen in children and adolescents from six months to 16 years. Arthritis in children and adolescents is called juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).

The term idiopathic means the unknown cause of a particular condition. When a child's immune system deteriorates due to unknown reasons, the disease occurs as a result. Actually, it is autoimmune disease. This means white blood cells (WBCs) start targeting their own bodies. By the way, the exact cause of why Juvenile Arthritis is not yet clear. Nevertheless, a major reason is believed to be genetic. This disease can come from any ancestor of the child. In addition, nutritional deficiency and pollution can be other reasons. However, experts certainly do not say anything about them.

In the initial days, JIA is more effective on the joints, but if it is not treated in time, it can cause side effects on the eyes, skin, heart, lungs and liver. Children's bones stop developing as a result of JIA. They should not be taken lightly, especially joint pain, when symptoms of JIA are seen in children. By identifying it at the right time and treating it, the child can be saved from the serious effects of this disease.

Facts related to arthritis

Difference in disease of elders and children?

There is a small difference in arthritis that occurs in adults and children. Symptoms are seen in adults with arthritis. But in juvenile idiopathic arthritis it is not necessary that the child is suffering from its symptoms all the time. In children, its symptoms sometimes appear suddenly and sometimes disappear for a long time, that is, relief from problems is found.

If there is no disease, what is possible?

Since it is not yet known what is the reason for being JIA, it is difficult to know how to prevent it. However, after illness, a positive attitude, complete trust in your doctor and support from family, friends and teachers makes the way to life easier.

What is the treatment?

According to the Arthritis Care and Research Journal published by the American College of Rheumatology, no permanent treatment of JIA has been made possible so far, but by timely care of the child and lifestyle changes, the symptoms can be reduced. JIA can also be controlled with general medicines in the early stage. However, medicines cannot cure it completely. The delay in treatment, the more difficult it is to control its symptoms.
Discipline and latest treatment modalities can play an important role in the treatment of JIA. With this help, in future we can give JIA patients a better and normal life.

How to identify if a child has JIA?

  • If the child wakes up in the morning, he often starts complaining of joint pain. Feeling stiff in his joints.
  • If there is swelling around the baby's joints at all times and pain persists for a long time.
  • If the child has a recurrent fever. With the coming of fever, one feels a great drop in weight.

If the child complains of constant pain in the eyes. Or you see redness in his eyes all the time.
Most of these symptoms can also be caused by some other common disease. But if these symptoms are found or the JIA is suspected at all, the child should be taken to the pediatric rheumatologist immediately.
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