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Chhapaak Deepika Padukone news

Chhapak movie 2019
  • Reviewers are giving a 3.5 point rating to Chhapak, competing against Ajay Devgn's 'Tanhaji'
  • Between JNU controversy and Boycott campaign it is estimated that the film will do 100 crores business.

Amit Karna, Bollywood Desk, Mumbai. In the constant struggle between restrictions and freedom in third world countries, the most difficult is for a woman to live fearlessly. On every front, social, political, family and personal, the shadow of fear remains on them. Do not know when the accident in which the fate of his life makes him happy.

Chhapak is the story of the country where the most intense attacks take place in the world. The story is inspired by Acid Attack Survivor Lakshmi Aggarwal. The country is aware of his efforts to ban the sale of livelihood and acid. However, strict steps have not been taken from the system so far. The sale of acid is controlled, but it is not banned. That too when the country is still on the highest position in cases of attacks from them.

Chhapak move Story has power

The heroine is 19-year-old cheerful and beautiful, who comes from a section where dreaming is a big thing for herself. In such a situation, his dreams get noticed by Bashir Khan alias Babloo, who is a bad name for society. When Malati denies Babu's nefarious intentions, he promptly attacks her. She is also from her relative Parveen Sheikh, who is a woman herself. Initially, its suspicion goes to Malti's boyfriend Rajesh. The financial situation of Malati's family is critical, supported by her father's mistress Shiraz and her lawyer Archana. Amol Malti, who runs an NGO for the rights of survivors of acid attacks, leaves journalism and jobs, becomes a partner.

Chhapak movie Yearning in direction

In the eighties, films like 'Chhapak' received partial support from mainstream makers and actors and actresses. Deepika Padukone herself has broken that myth in the role of Malti. Meghna Gulzar, who has given strict and serious treatment like Talwar and Raji, has kept the tone of the film's temperament higher than those films here. Not all characters are melodramatic at all. He has tried to present this story as a serious social responsibility.

Chhapak movie Artist strong, music weak

In this work, he has joined the rest of the fellow artists including Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey, Madhurjit Sarghi. The problem is due to the film's adoption of a very honest attitude with the characters and events. Although it was the filmmaker's need to have the same treatment, in that order, the film is a little engrossed. Gulzar, who created magic with words, has written songs. There is music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, but this time he is not able to get deep into the heart.

Chhapak movie Script tightened excessively

Deepika's effort in the role of Malati seems obsessive. Vikrant Massey has presented Amol's grudge against the opposite conditions. The role of Loire Archana is brought to life by Madhurjit Saraghi. In the film, real-life women who have suffered acid attack have also worked. The script is overly tight. Due to this, the pain and struggle of the characters are left behind.

Chhapak 'special for Bollywood

This film is special in many ways. This refers to the canker of society which is not getting surgical strikes from the system. The challenge for such issue-oriented films is to strike a balance between two lines of sanity and sensation. However, 'Chhapak' should be seen as a document, not a regular Bollywood film.
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