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PM Narendra Modi interacts with Students from India

Modi said to the children who received the Bravery Award - Not enough National Award and photo printing, make big goals

  • Prime Minister Modi on Friday met all the children who received the National Bravery Award
  • Modi said- children should work so hard that they sweat 4 times a day
  • 22 children from 12 states were selected for National Bravery Award 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday met the children nominated for the National Bravery Award. During this time the Prime Minister said that you are an inspiration to all other children. Modi said, “The wave of good work goes down to the children who work in our country. It is not just the National Award and photo printing. Life is very big. We have two paths - first, in which we do not let the feet stand on the ground. Second, make a goal of your life. Actually, it is everything to set foot in the ground. I want you to not let other kinds of habits get inside you. Make a goal that I have a lot to do. Emphasize duties for yourself, not rights. "

Modi praised the bravery of the children and said, "Life is not possible without courage. I will share the story of your bravery on social media, that too with your picture. Your story is the reason for my inspiration. If people like you do good work, many will be inspired. ”

The courageous deeds of children inspire me: Modi

He said, “Whenever I hear about such a courageous work of all your young comrades, talking to you, I also get inspiration and energy. When I was getting introduced to you a while back, I was really surprised. The way you all have tried and done in different areas at such a young age is amazing. ”

National Bravery Award was announced on 21 January

The National Bravery Award 2019 was announced on the evening of 21 January. For this, 22 children from 12 states were selected. These include 12 boys and 10 girls. This award will be given posthumously to a child. 15-year-old Aditya Kumar from Kerala will be given the Bharat Award. Aditya had saved 40 lives during the bus journey.

ICCW announced five special awards

The Indian Council of Child Welfare has announced five special awards this year. These include the ICCW Markandey Award, ICCW Dhruva Award, ICCW Abhimanyu Award, ICCW Prahlad Award and ICCW Hearing Award.

Names of children receiving special awards:

  • The ICCW Markandey Award will be given to Rakhi (10) of Uttarakhand. He rescued his 4-year-old brother from the leopard. Rakhi also suffered injuries during this time.
  • The ICCW Dhruv Award will be given to Purnima Giri (16) and Sabita Giri (15) of Odisha. The two rescued 12 people from drowning when the boat fell into a river filled with crocodiles.
  • The ICCW Abhimanyu Award will be given posthumously to Mohammad Mushin. He had saved three of his friends in the raging sea, although Mushin died during this time.
  • ICCW Prahlad Award, S.C. Badra (10) will be given. He had helped his friend who lost his right leg in a train accident. His courage saved his friend's life.
  • The ICCW Hearing Award will be given to Sartaj M. Mughal of Jammu and Kashmir. He had saved the lives of his parents and sister. His house collapsed during the attack.
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