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3 TIPS TO GAIN WEIGHT AND PACK ON MUSCLE: If you’re a hard-gainer and just can’t seem to pack muscle mass on try these tips to gain weight. You’ve probably tried, like many other hard-gainers, to eat massive quantities of food in a failed attempt to gain weight. Most of the time any weight gained by these kinds of binges ends up being useless water weight and body fat anyway, so don’t waste any more timer or energy by pigging out.


You have to be systematic to beat your hard-gaining genetics by using the very latest high intensity workouts along side the very best weight gain supplements, By using our site you have access to the very latest high tech weight gainer supplements available online Click here!

Tips to Gain Weight : Compound Resistance Exercises

If you want to get big and pack on muscle mass, you’ve got to work out differently than everyone else. You see, the majority of people who work out are trying to lose body fat. Sure, some of them may be trying to gain muscle mass too, but you’ve got to change your approach to get the results you want.

how to gain weight and muscle
how to gain weight and muscle

You should try to minimize cardio sessions to short, but intense sessions, and focus the majority of your energy on lifting heavy weights by doing compound exercises. Tips to gain weight :  Here are the exercises you should focus on:

  • Squats
  • Dead-lifts
  • Bench Presses
  • Pull-Ups
  • Overhead Presses

It might be tempting to load up your diet with carbohydrates in an effort to gain weight. Remember, though, that the human body never metabolizes carbs into muscle mass. The only thing that more carbs will do is raise your blood sugar, and possibly result in a little extra flab. Start off by eliminating refined white sugar and flour from your diet. Replace these calories with green leafy vegetables, whole grains and more lean protein these are great tips to gain weight if you want more along with the very best in weight gain supplements click here !


Tips to Gain WeightTo kick your muscle mass gaining into overdrive, you’ll probably need to use a good protein supplement regularly. It’s especially important to have additional protein after your workouts, but try to take a high protein weight gainer supplement drink a few times a day.

As long as you’re already getting a lot of calories from protein in your regular meals, this additional protein, in supplement form, will give your body the basic building blocks it needs to add muscle to your frame.

Keep these tips to gain weight in mind and be diligent in your efforts. It will take extra time to gain weight, if you’re a hard-gainer, but be patient. Once you start putting these tips into action, you’ll start seeing results. And, best of all, the weight you gain will be rock solid, muscle mass.

It’s well worth the extra time and effort to put on weight using these tips. When you start to gain muscle mass, you’ll be turning heads left and right, and people at the gym will be asking you for tips to gain weight, so they can get the same great results : Tips to gain weight.

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