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Is it possible to lose weight in a few days?

When you think about weight loss in a few days, it is usually a difficult work. For many people, it is really impossible. Are you searching an eating mode to have fast weight loss in one week? You can read somewhere much information related to this topic but it can help you to success? You should refer to below advice in order to be successful in fast and effective weight loss in a week.

First, the thing I want to advise you are changing your harmful eating habit. You must create an eating habit better than your old habit in a short time. Let’s help your body. Healthful eating habit is the best way to weight loss. Let’s create them:

1.Calculating calorie for every meal

Calculating calorie for every meal

An eating habit in order to have fast weight loss in a week is a job which you should calculate calorie for every meal. It can be an old trick but it is a very good activity. You should keep a food diary to track what do you eat and calorie in every meal. In order to have fast weight loss, an important thing is tracking food types which you eat to know how many calories you need to turn to weight loss. You should not eat too much carbohydrate for breakfast or other meals. Instead of carbohydrate, you should eat seeds such as oat, using protein, vegetable, fruit and so on. If you feel it too difficult so you should try over because this food is the best way to help you to lose weight. Using more vegetable, fruit in main meals and snack time will make you limit carbohydrate in your body. You also should limit snacks after main meals. Additionally, it can make you more beautiful. This thing creates a change which helps to increase your metabolism. It is the most important process which helps to burn your excess lipid.

2.Using green tea instead of other beverages

Green tea helps you to lose weight fast. Next, you should use green tea beverages instead of water, beverages have too much sugar. Each day you should drink at least two glasses of green tea. It has many antioxidants which help to prevent cancer cells. It also helps to purge your body and it will make you stronger every day. You should drink green tea with no sugar in one hour after you have breakfast, lunch or whenever you want during a week. You can drink cold green tea but almost people like warm green tea. For this eating habit with more water, pineapple, cucumber and other foods which help to burn lipid and have less sugar, you will lose weight fast.

3.Using pineapple each day

.Using pineapple each day

It is known by features including inflammatory, detoxification and so on. It also helps to burn lipid in your body. You can use some big pieces of pineapples for your breakfast or snack. You can process pineapple to become many forms such as using to fry, cooking some foods or crushing vitamin with two pieces of fresh pineapple, cucumber, and parsley. You can drink this vitamin instead of having breakfast in three days. It will help you to lose weight fast.

  4. See water as food

See water as food

There are juices having many vitamins but they also have more calorie which influences to your weight loss plan. You should try to drink a lot of water each day instead of drinking juice. You will be very effective. Drinking a lot of water not only is good for your digestion but also helps your body to remove excess water in your body. Increasing metabolism will make you lose weight fast. You should drink 2 to 3 l water each day. It is the best way to lose weight for everyone.  You can wring a few drops lemon into your water; it will make your water easier to drink.


If you can not match with your weight loss plan, you can feel hunger or appetite. Let’s choose the wise snacks without influencing to your weight loss plan in a week such as eating yoghurt. Additionally, you also can use some fruits which are good for weight loss, drinking vitamin, juice with no sugar to bloat your stomach


You should use food types including rice, potato, bean, meat with less fat, shellfish, fish with less fat, lean pork, soy milk, vegetable, oil at 10 to 20 gram each day and salt about 6 gram each day. The high blood pressure people just should use at 2 to 4 gram each day. You should not use food types including sugar, honey, sweet cake and candy, wine, beer, coffee, tea, avoiding eating too salty. You should not skip your meal, especially is your breakfast. You must have a hearty breakfast because it is the best important meal of the day. Many people do not have breakfast because they scare that it will make them fatter but they are wrong. You can eat anything in your breakfast because calorie which you will absorb in your breakfast is very low. Breakfast is key to weight loss. If you do not have breakfast, your body will not have enough food and it will find any way to save your energy. In order to of not being hungry, your body just spends little energy. This thing will make you eat too much and you will increase your weight too quickly.

7. Do not eat after 8 pm

The last thing I want to remind you is that you should not eat in the night. Your kitchen should be closed in the night. After dinner, you should brush your teeth to decrease appetizing. Eating in the night just makes you have more excess lipid and it will affect your health. In addition, to create healthful eating habit will help you to lose weight fast in a week, you should find for yourself exercise matching with your health and you must usually practice this. Let’s increase activity to change your life and health. Absolutely you will decrease your weight if you follow the above advice.

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