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Role of water in weight loss

If you want to be healthy so you should drink 2l of water daily. That is recommended by experts. You really understand why water is a trick to fast weight loss. Because it helps your body transport nutrients for cells, promoting digestion, removing wastes out of your body, keeping strong kidney, taking care of your skin and other parts, metabolism regulation and body temperature of yourself.

Role of water in weight loss
Role of water in weight loss

Role of water in weight loss: Water
helps your liver to be more active. The liver has a responsibility to drive lipid. It is an important thing if you want to weight loss. However, your liver will need more water to do this thing. If you do not drink enough water so your liver will store more lipid. Water is really things which need for your health. Water is a trick to fast weight loss which is a cheap trick for everyone. The body is made up approximately sixty-five per cent water but we lost water every day when we do daily activities through sweat, breath and urine. If you want to have fast weight loss so you should create a habit of drinking of 1.5 to 2l water daily. Let’s discover how water helps you to have fast weight loss, let’s take advantage of the big profit that water brings to the body:

Role of water in weight loss
Role of water in weight loss

1. Water increases metabolism, body purification

When we drink not enough water, our body will be lazy. We can not remove waste out of body and harm for your liver because it works too much. So if you do not drink enough water, your liver will work more than 2 times. That thing will decrease ability burning lipid and will create excess lipid. If your body is provided with enough water, your liver will work more effectively helping to burn lipid in your body. Therefore, water is the best trick to weight loss. When you participate in sports activities, you will be too thirsty but you should not drink water too quickly. You should drink water slowly for water to be osmotic through your intestine, veins to help your body and cell to be stronger. If you have cardiovascular disease, hypertension or swell foot so you need to avoid drinking too much water. You should not drink water too much in the night because it will lead to your swell face. You just need to drink a little water. You should choose natural water, boiling water because bottled water is not good for your health. Bottle water can include a harmful component for your health.

2. Water decreases your hunger

Role of water in weight loss

Before meal fifteen to thirty minutes, you should drink a glass of water which will make you feel fuller and you will eat less. But you should not drink liquid with your meal because it will dissolve fluid in your stomach. It will make slower digestion and you will bloat after meals. You should drink a glass of water safety for two hours. If you just drink water when you feel thirsty so your body will be not enough water for metabolic activity.

3.Waterless calorie

Water should be used to replace all of the water types such as juice, canned water, beer and so on. Because these beverages have any sugar or calorie which will exceed your energy. It will make accumulating excess lipid for your body. Water is a beverage which has the lowest calorie so you should replace water for all beverages which you are using.

4. The cold water helps to have fast weight loss

Studies showed that if you drink a glass of cold water, your body needs to burn a calorie to increase the temperature of cold water compared with normal water. However, we do not encourage drink too much cold water after your meals because cold water will give you slow digestion.

5. The body can not miss the water

Dehydration is showed by dry mouth, sleepy, tired and so on. A dehydration body will make a slower metabolic process making fewer calorie burning and will be difficult to remove lipid and faster weight loss.

6. Water advances your health

If you can drink enough water so water can shorten the ageing process and improve diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis, dry skin and so on. If you drink a glass of water whenever you get up so you can be stronger. You can squeeze few drops lemon to remove toxins.

Warning: You should not drink too much water; it will be bad for you. If you use too much water to try to have fast weight loss so it will affect the function of your kidney. Minerals such as sodium, magnesium and so on will be diluted too quickly in your blood. This is not good for your body. It can create serious consequence such as tiredness, cramp, loss of consciousness and cerebral palsy or death. You just should drink 1, 5 to 2 l water daily. Good luck and success with tricks to decrease our weight.

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