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7 Tips For Best Diet For Detoxification

Diet For Detoxification: Some diets with liquids are a great way to lose some kilograms without starvation, and detoxifying diets will help you to stabilize your body especially after some holidays.
This diet is recommended to be kept for three to five days several times a year, usually after the holidays, to purify the body.

Diet For Detoxification
Diet For Detoxification

Try to consume many liquids

The liquids are helpful because they help for the normal functioning of the kidneys, liver, colon, and the lymph glands, or, to all organs that filter toxins from your body. Do not drink too much if you are not thirsty at all, but aim to drink from one to two liters a day, plus, two cups of coffee or tea.

Reduce the calories, but not drastically

Consume from 1.400 to 1.600 calories every day. You will lose a little weight, but you will have a lot of energy. If you consume less than 1.200 calories per day, your body will start to burn from the muscle mass instead of the fats, and you will not have enough energy.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Probably you hear this constantly, but it is true. If you skip the breakfast, you will not start the day with enough energy and later you will enter more food. Start your day with plenty, but above all a healthy breakfast. It is desirable to contain some of the following ingredients: oatmeal, cereals, milk, yogurt or other dairy products, eggs, butter…

Green food

Greenery plants are healthy and improve the metabolism. Try to combine your lunch and dinner with some vegetables. It is also good if you make a home-made vegetable juice. Here’s one recipe for a great healthy juice. Mix in a blender a few vegetables (such as spinach, broccoli or carrots…), a few herbs and spices (fresh ginger, parsley, cinnamon, nutmeg…), some fruit to sweeten (maybe apple or orange) and don’t forget to put some proteins (egg white, yoghurt, soy milk…).

When you need a rich meal

When you are at a meeting, a business lunch, or when you simply feel the need to enter some more calories, it’s okay your meal to be plentiful, but only on condition that it is a healthy meal. Pay attention to the proteins, such as fish or white chicken, and vegetables.

Do not enter…

While this detoxification period lasts, make sure do not enter the refined sugars, white flour, rice, meat and dairy products with high fats and carbonated juices (whether dietary or ordinary).

Exercise often

Even when you are not ready for a heavy and long lasting exercises and jogging, do some short exercises and practice them every day. Find a way to move and drink plenty of water. In this way, you will regulate the blood circulation and you will eject some toxins.
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