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How To Properly Take Care Of Your Vagina?

Take Care Of Your Vagin: Have you ever wondered how to properly take care of your vagina? There are certain rules that no one clearly explained to you, so you are probably violating them daily.

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Vagina?
 Take Care Of Your Vagina

Leave the inside of the vagina alone

The interior of the female genitals cleans itself, no matter how strange that sounds. This is assisted by good bacteria called lactobacilli. These lactobacilli keep the acidity of the vagina and fight against viruses.

Only rinse with hot water

Every day they there are offers for huge number of products for bathing and intimate hygiene gels, but many gynecologists advise to wash the outside of  vagina only with hot water.

Be careful with the soap

If you use soap to clean the private parts, chose one with ingredients that will not disrupt pH value and will not dry out the skin. Always the good choices are soaps with olive oil, many doctors advice.

Rinse it once a day

Your skin “down there” is equally sensitive as any other part of the body, so the more often you wash it is more prone to irritation. It is quite enough to wash the vagina once a day.

Do not clean it with steam

Cleaning with steam has become particularly popular method of maintaining intimate parts lately, and those who apply it claim that it is good for uterus and hormones. But doctors have the opposite opinion. They assure all women that steam can only harm the vagina, so it is better not to experiment.

Do not use gloves or a sponge

Never use gloves or a sponge to wash the private parts, because very easily you can damage the mucous membrane.

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