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5 Effective Ways to Improve Relationships After a Heavy Fight

1. Calm yourself first:

The first thing you and your partner must do after a fight is to calm down, especially if you are emotional. According to a romance expert, the most effective way to calm down is to take a deep breath through your nose and take it out of your mouth. Do it repeatedly until you feel calm.

2. Evaluate what has happened:

After you calm down and are not overpowered by emotions, reflect on what just happened during a fight. Feel properly every emotion that comes out whether it is angry, sad, afraid, or feeling insecure. Then you will know what to do in the next step.

3. Are you ready to communicate again?

If you can control your emotions, ask yourself if you are ready to communicate again with your partner? Ask the same question to your partner. Forcing yourself to communicate again when it's not calm will make the problem turbid. For that, if you two are not ready to discuss what happened, do not hesitate to take the time alone.

4. Listen to the couple's explanation:

When you and your partner are ready to communicate with each other, then listen to the explanation from the couple first until they finish the sentence. Don't interrupt.

5. Create a comfortable atmosphere:

Well, now you and your partner have begun to understand each other clearly. So that the relationship warms up again, don't forget to create a comfortable and humorous atmosphere. Because laughter is the most effective medicine. Arguing has become an uncomfortable thing in a relationship. But you and your partner must through it so that the relationship is getting stronger. And, remember the tips above to make your relationship get back together after a fight.

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