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Which country has the most powerful weapons in the world

which country has the most powerful weapons in the world
which country has the most powerful weapons in the world

  • China and Pakistan have more nuclear weapons than India; Russia is at the forefront of nuclear power.
  • Between 2010 and 2019, there has been an increase of 5.5% in the weapons sent internationally.
  • China is preparing new nuclear missile and fighter jets to increase strength

India and pakistan nuclear weapons comparison

China and Pakistan have more nuclear weapons than India. This claim has been made in a report. According to this, at present, China has 320 and Pakistan has 160 nuclear weapons. India has 150 nuclear weapons. This report has been released by the Swedish think tank Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri Report 2020). It mentions countries that officially have nuclear weapons.

According to Sipri - Russia and the United States own 90 percent of the world's total nuclear weapons. Both countries are phasing out old weapons. This is the reason why last year saw a decrease in the number of nuclear weapons. However, it is a matter of concern that instead of the old, these two countries are making new nuclear weapons.

Increased military spending

The report said that between 2010 and 2019, arms purchases rose 5.5 percent. In 2018, about $ 1917 billion (Rs 145 lakh crore) was spent on military facilities. This is the highest expense in 10 years. North African countries spent 67% per cent more on their military facilities this year than in 2019.

China is increasing nuclear power

China is trying to increase its nuclear power. For this, it is preparing new missiles attacking from the ground, air and sea. Not only this, he is also preparing some fighter jets which can attack the atom. China did not provide much information about nuclear power earlier. But, for some years it has given some information to the world about nuclear weapons and future plans.

13 thousand 400 nuclear weapons in the world

According to Sipri, 9 countries have nuclear weapons. In total, at present, these countries have 13 thousand 400 nuclear warheads. Russia ranks first with 6 thousand 375 weapons. North Korea ranks at the bottom with 30 to 40 weapons.

Which country currently has how many nuclear weapons

  • Russia: 6 thousand 375
  • America: 5 thousand 800
  • France: 290
  • UK: 215
  • China: 320
  • Pakistan: 160
  • India: 150
  • Israel: 90
  • North Korea: 30 to 40
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