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Five Winter Care Tips: If you are troubled by a Cough and cold, do not forget to consume these things

Five Winter Care Tips
 Five Winter Care Tips

Five Winter Care Tips: As the weather changes, people start getting upset due to cold and cold. If cold, cold, or cough becomes prolonged, then it starts inviting many other diseases. In such a situation, it is necessary to know what should be avoided in case of cold, cough, and cold. Let's know. 

1. Junk

food - Fried junk food intake during cold, cough, and cold can make your problem more serious. Oils in junk food produce fat and mucus. Pungent and spicy foods can also cause stomach irritation and nasal water problems. It is better to stay away from junk food like cakes, ice cream, biscuits, burgers, etc. during the winter cold. 

2. Milk-

Consumption of milk during cold and cough can increase your discomfort. Dairy products make more mucus in the body. Take it only after the cold and cough is cured.

3. Caffeine-

Caffeine rich things like coffee, tea, and soft drinks make a thick mucus. Consuming these things during a Cough and cold increases the problem of cough and weakens immunity. During this time, avoid drinking caffeinated drinks. 

4. Alcohol- Consuming

alcohol weakens the white blood cells of the body. Due to which the immune system of the person becomes weak. 

5. Sugar - Like

alcohol, sugar can also cause severe inflammation. Excess intake of it makes your immunity system weak and makes cold and cough worse. Reduce the intake of sweet things like sweets.

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