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Truth quotes, quotes about truth, the truth quotes, quotes on truth

Truth quotes, Quotes about truth, Lies quotes, Quotes about lies

The truth, if suppressed, is explosive. The more it is hidden and buried, the more it could heat up and when it is released, it could blow up everything around it.

If one is much pained in telling the truth, it would triumph more than anything else.

when someone is lying and you know the truth quotes

The sad thing about truth is that even people's beliefs conquer them.

We may not recognize it, but the truth has always been written deep inside of us, in our unconsciousness where it is recalled.

When you already know the truth quotes

The highest thing that a human can keep is the truth.

Let man suffer by telling the truth than let truth suffer for the want of getting out.

The truth always comes out quotes

The truth has always remained strange. In fact, it is stranger than fiction itself.

No matter how many times inquiries run truth, it will never lose its ground.

Accepting truth quotes

When the impossible has already been eliminated, then what would be left would only be the truth.

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Truth is like gold, men take all pains just to find it because it has value. But it is also mixed with a lot of sediments, sand, and rubbish. It will nurture the man who suffers to separate it.

Best quotes about truth

The truth may be right in front of you but you just cannot see it, for only those who are ready could get it.

Truth would never bend itself just to accommodate others around it. It only travels in a straight line.

Quotes about seeing the truth

Truth is mostly seen in pieces and fragments.

The most difficult art of all is speaking the truth.

Quotes about revealing the truth

When we ask after the truth and find it unpleasant, we do not feel kindly towards the person who revealed it.

Whenever people ask the truth from me, I assume that what they want is not the truth, but the illusion of a situation that is bearable to them.

The truth will always come out quotes

There is nothing stronger than the truth. Nothing is wrong with it, except that it is not so.

When truth comes into you dressed in rags, never fail to accept it. You may never know 

when it will come knocking at your door.

The truth about me quotes

Every man's soul has a portion of the truth in it.

When you tell the truth, it would be the most avant-garde act you can perform.

Any man might possess the truth or even a city, but it will always come to a point when they need to surrender it.

Yes, we are good at lying and delusions that is why we fear the truth. But sometimes there truths that can be our friends.

Quotes about accepting the truth

No matter how you crush truth down, it will rise high again.

Few people could only receive the truth in a complete illumination; most only acquire them bit by bit.

Truth and love quotes

The lips that speak of the truth could endure forever, but the tongue that spits lies would burn in a moment.

Writers of fiction do sometimes tell the truth in some of their braver moments, but most often they serve fiction and arrange it in a devious way that would assemble the truth.

The truth always comes out

With death comes the truth.

However you shield your eyes from it, the truth will always be the truth.

Truth quotes about life

The sexiest thing you can wear is the truth.

Practice the sincerity of truth within yourself, for you would not be able to communicate it if it is not perceived.

If you have the truth in your side but chose to hide it because of other's opinion, then you are a coward.

Quotes on truth and honesty

The truth is more beautiful than a fantasy.

Truth could not condemn its fellow.

While truth is a beggar in rags, hypocrisy is rich in wages.

People treat truth like they are handling dynamites.

Quotes about honesty and trust

No matter what the eyes see, the unclouded one is always better.

Truths are also encrypted in creeds to give it a superficial image.

A thousand soldiers could be conquered by one voice that brings the truth.

Oftentimes people, who seek for the truth rarely finds it, while those who rarely lose it.

Quotes about honesty and trust

The truth always hurts.

Whenever one stumbles upon the truth, there is the feeling of ecstasy, an irrepressible feeling of gladness.

You can also call truth the town whore whom everybody knows but would feel embarrassed when their roads crossed.

Quotes about honesty in relationships

Truth is the most ancient of all, is imbibed in all virtues, is the core of every faction, and has more years on earth than mankind.

I do not give a care to all those documents, for the truth is in the mind, not on the papers.

Think about the changes in your life. They are merely the results of truths getting on and off favors.

Truth quotes about relationships

Sometimes, few people are aware that they are carrying the truth. They treat it as trivial as it can be, but it actually has the greatest substance going on ignored.

The truth embodied on earth has already been tinged with falsehood.

Truth quotes about life in English

Truth is a mimic, a playful chameleon which makes fun of you.

Be careful how you release the truth. You may watch it grow and become useful, or it may crumble to dust without any benefit to anyone.'

There are great truths which began as the greatest lies.

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