Find your strength in 5 Minutes Ultimate Body Test

Find your strength in 5 Minutes Ultimate Body Test

Today let’s Find your strength in 5 Minutes Ultimate Body Test. As much as we like to think that, Everybody’s body and mind work in the same way..., Ayurveda strongly differs here.

I can bet you, after this test, you surely get an idea about your strength and your fundamental body type.


So if you think about it, some of us like salty food more than sweet, while others have a sweet tooth. Some enjoy summers more, while others like winter. This is your fundamental body type  (or Dosha As referred to in Ayurveda). To know your body type, we will have a quick test. In addition, how exactly you should eat and live to experience optimum health by applying the steps advised for a result.

Interestingly this will not only give a clearer picture of our body type. But, also a deep understanding of our personality.  So without any further delay, let us Find your strength in 5 Minutes Ultimate Body Test….

Hello, friends welcome to according to Ayurveda, the human body is made up of five elements. These elements maintain balance. The body would collapse if any one element were taken out.

  1. Earth element (Bones and Muscles)
  2. Water element (Blood)
  3. Air element (Breath)
  4. Fire element (Heat)
  5. Space element (Emptiness within)

like Bio-energy, magnetic energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy there are various energies in the body. These energies run the body. we can call them VITAL FORCE or PRAN SHAKTI. But any imbalance in the five elements brings an imbalance in the vital force.

Imbalance of Elements and Disease

Water: Cold, asthma, sinusitis, swellings, blood thinning or blood clotting, the problem of urination, diseases of reproductive organs.

Earth: Weakness, cholesterol, obesity, weight loss and weight gain, bones or muscular diseases, etc.

Fire: Coldness or fever, increased coldness or heat in the body, skin diseases, loss of vital energy, acidity, diabetes, and mental disorders.

Air: Nervous disorders, depression, blood pressure problems, lung disorders, physical pains/deformities, locomotors ataxia, etc.

Ether: Thyroid disorders, speech disorders, throat problems, epilepsy, madness, foolishness, ear diseases, etc.

All living beings are made up of the five elements in different proportions. The Human body is also the combination of these 5 elements in different proportions. Water 72%, earth 12%,4% fire, 6% air, and the rest are Ether.

Therefore, the combination of these five elements determines one’s Prakruti or Constitution. Ayurveda defines the combination of these five elements into three Doshas.


  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha
They are referred to as doshas because they have a tendency to fluctuate. Basically, the balance of these three doshas is what you call health and any imbalance of these doshas leads to diseases. Everyone may have all three doshas. But, one of them is usually primary. The other is secondary and the third one is least prominent.

The doshas are types of energy: they are present in every cell of the body and are responsible for the processes, which take place there. Doshas form the foundation for all life.


So, if you want to know your fundamental body type. I really want you to take a pen and paper or simply note it down on your mobile.

There will be 15 questions to find your strength in 5 Minutes Ultimate Body Test

  • 10 questions about your physical attributes and
  • 5 questions about your emotional & mental characteristics
  • Each question will have three options. You just need to mark options A, B, or C, and then you just need to sum up the number of A’s B’s, and C’s.
  • One request is that try to answer them as honestly as possible. 

So, are you ready and Find your strength in 5 Minutes Ultimate Body Test…?

  • Choose one of the three options
  • The first question is about body frame

1. What is your physical belt like?

  • Thin and small built
  • Medium built
  • Heavy built

Next, Your gait and walk

2. How do you talk and walk?

  • Fast and loud
  • Moderate and determined
  • Slow and steady
About your reaction to the weather conditions

3. Which Weather do you like?

  • Enjoy warm climate but feel uncomfortable in cool weather
  • Enjoy cool weather and Dislike warm climate.
  • Comfortable all round the year but still prefer warm climate more
The next question is about

4. Sweating or Perspiration

  • Sweat little or not much
  • Sweat a lot
  • Moderately, but sweaty a lot once you work hard
Moving further

5. What is your appetite or hunger like?

  • Irregular (Sometimes I feel hungry, sometimes I don’t)
  • Strong and sharp (Are you always hungry )
  • Decent appetite ( it’s kind of medium but you have a great posture for taste )
If you don’t find time for today’s fitness, you are saving that time for tomorrow’s sickness.


6. What is your skin type?

  • Normal to Dry, rough, thin, and cool (Skin issues like dryness, dullness, and wrinkly )
  • Normal to Oily. Soft reddish. Sensitive and worm (Skin issue like inflammation)
  • Normal to Oily, Soft thick, and cool(Skin issues like Excessive oily, itching, fungal infection )

7. How is the texture of your hair?

  • Rough, dry wavy (I get split ends easily)
  • Normal, straight, thin, and brownish
  • Thick, curly, and oily. Hair color tends to be on the darker side.

The next question is about Lips and teeth

8. How are your lips and teeth?

  • Thin lips and get dry. Uneven Teeth, weak gums (teeth may require constant attention)
  • Medium and soft lips. Teeth are medium size (tend to Suffer from Cavities)
  • Large and smooth lips. Teeth are well-formed (require less care in general)

Then moving to eyes

9. What type of eyes do you have?

  • Small and sleepy eyes (feels dry, I blink a lot)
  • Medium Size (Often get reddish eyes)
  • Big and attractive eyes full of eyelashes

10 Then this question comprises of some general signs like (choose one of the three)

  • Cracking sound in joints.
  • Black moles on the body. Medium Forehead. Nails are pink and soft.
  • Disproportionate body like heavy thighs, Hips, etc. Large forehead. Nails are wide and whitish. 

Now moving to the mental and emotional characteristics

First is memory

11. What kind of memory do you have?

  • Quick learner. However, then you do forget easily
  • Average to learn. However, then you never forget
  • Slow learner. However, you have a good long-term memory
Moving to the next question it is about mind

12. How is the nature of your mind?

  • The mind tends to get restless easily
  • The mind gets impatient and aggressive easily
  • Remains cool and calm, mostly unruffled
The third mental characteristic is about

13. How good your mind is while taking action.

  • Overthinking before taking any decision
  • Quick implementer
  • Lazy implementation
Next is about sleep

14. How is the quality of your sleep?

  • Light and disturbed Sleep (I wake up easily in the morning)
  • Moderate but regular (I can sleep again)
  • Deep and heavy (i cannot easily wake up in the morning)
The final question is about your emotional nature

15. How do you react emotionally?

  • You worry a lot. Often feel nervous and anxious
  • You often get irritable, angry, and impatient.
  • Loving and caring. it takes a lot to make you angry
Okay…, So I presume answered all the questions to the best of your own understanding.

Now you just need to count the number of A’s, B’s, and C’s

Let me know also reveal that,
  • A’s are our Vata characteristics
  • B’s are Pitta characteristics and
  • C’s are Kapha characteristics
Now, simply sort all the three numbers in descending order. The largest number is your primary dosha and the second largest number is a secondary Dosha. Therefore, your body type can be called primary dosha followed by secondary dosha.

  • Describes seven body types according to the dominance of these three doshas in an individual.
  • These are namely Vata if you take almost all ease similarly Pitta or Kapha.
  • Then makes body types like Vata – Pitta, Pitta – Kapha or Vata – Kapha Dosha.
  • There is a Tri-dosha body type if all the three A’s, B’s, and C’s were equal. The Tri-dosha body type means that either your doshas are perfectly balanced or highly imbalanced.
  • However, most people have two predominant Doshas. An unhealthy diet, stress, repressed emotions, and insufficient exercise are considered to be the elements that disturb one’s Doshik balance. The aim is to bring them to balance by making the desired changes.


The classical Vedic text emphasizes that one must know that “Vata Pitta and Kapha” are each essential to our physiology in some way. Therefore, no one dosha is better than or superior to any other. Each Dosha has a very specified set of functions to play in the body.
  • Since Vata is constituted by air and ether; it governs movement and communication within the body.
  • However, Pitta is constituted by fire and water that oversees digestion and metabolism.
  • But Earth and water make up Kapha, which provides cohesiveness structure, and lubrication to our body.

So much so that this dosha analysis was used to decide one’s career in ancient times.
  • If Vata is the predominant dosha in your sales, marketing, acting, dancing, teaching, and other such creative fields are recommended for you.
  • However, Pittas make great leaders, management, medicine, finance, politics, advocacy are better suited.
  • For Kapha administration, public relations, nursing, counseling are recommended.

That said…. when Doshas go out of balance, they can wreak havoc on our health.
  • Imbalanced Vata disrupts body communication and causes all sorts of abnormal movements in the body. When Vata is out of balance, it tends to cause dryness, gas, bloating, indigestion, body pains, fear, depression, and fickle-mindedness imbalance.
  • Secondly, Pitta causes excess heat in the body and is the root cause of inflammatory disorders. It causes bleeding gums, over bleeding in women, acidity, hair fall, skin rashes, frustration, anger, and jealousy.
  • High Kapha makes the body excessively oily, inviting stagnation and congestion in the organs and tissues throughout the body including the mind. When Kapha is out of balance it causes cough, sinus, sneezing, lethargy, and obesity.

Now, let us find out how exactly we can try to balance them?

1. If you are facing Vata problems, it is imperative that you avoid overindulging in Vata-increasing foods like dry fruits, tea, coffee, raw vegetable salads, kidney beans, etc. Instead, cold-pressed oils, desi ghee, fresh milk, and milk products will give the much-needed lubrication to your body. Then extremely sour foods like tamarind, reheated, or refrigerated food should be curved. Daily body massage with sesame oil is highly recommended.

2. Excessive Pitta in the body. Cut down very salty, spicy, and sour foods. You should even cut down on chilies and excessive masalas in your diet. On the other hand, sweet and bitter foods like bitter guards cool down the body. Therefore, you have a reason to eat homemade sweets prepared from healthy sweeteners. Foods high in water content are top-notch to balance the excess heat in the body.

3. If Kapha dosha dominates you, then you must cut down on deep-fried refined oily foods. However, you can indulge in homemade spicy foods. Apart from this, you should cut down on milk and milk products, until the problem subsides. You must include fresh fruits and raw vegetable salads in your daily diet. Ginger tea and Basin based foods are ideal to reduce Kapha.

So the idea is, not to be paranoid about these doshas. However, to understand what suits best for your body type. Ayurveda strongly recommends a balanced diet. The doshas shed light on our personal nuances guiding us in making desirable changes to balance them.

Ayurveda has given utmost importance to understanding one’s basic body type to excel in achieving not only physical health but also mental well-being.


Tweaking your food habits and lifestyle according to your own dosha analysis can have a transforming effect on not only your physical health but also your mental well-being.

So, friends, that’s all for this Find your strength in 5 Minutes Ultimate Body Test page from this blog. I hope you found it to be helpful. if Yes, then please show me your support, do comment and share with your friends. And most importantly don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. Through this, you can get notifications whenever I upload a new post.

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